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The Best HILDA Swag For Adventurers

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Aisling Twomey

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What’s not to love about Hilda? Luke Pearson’s comic follows the eponymous blue haired girl who lives in the wild mountains with her mother and her deerfox, Twig. What started as Hilda and the Troll has expanded into a world of wonderful stories in a series of comics, TV tie-in fiction, coloring books and companions. The warm sepia tones and smart chatter fill the pages of Hilda’s cosy antics.

Since being adapted by Netflix, Hilda has reached a wider audience and a dedicated group of fans have set themselves to make-and-do, crafting some brilliant merchandise to brighten your walls, fancy-up your jacket and make friends with your very own Twig. Such is the life of an adventurer!

Hilda magnetic bookmarks

Perfect for saving your page in all of the Hilda stories, these magnetic bookmarks are a steal at less than $8 for the entire set.

custom Hilda cartoon art print

Turn yourself (and your partner, tiny dog or pet deerfox) into a Hilda style print for $36.

Hilda art print in minimalist style

I absolute love this minimalist take on Hilda’s trademark statement, available in multiple sizes from $17.

This one requires some crafting skills, but you know you want to. Get the instructions to make your very own deerfox for $10.

enamel Pin of Twig from Hilda comic

… or you can have a smaller, enamel-y good Twig pin for $14, if like me, your paper crafting leaves a bit to be desired.

handmade Hilda and Twig plush

These fleecey Hilda and Twig dolls are positively popping with personality — there’s a Woodman and Alfur available, too. $75+

Hilda and Twig crocheted dolls

You can make your own Hilda and Twig with this crochet pattern collection for $18.

Hilda and twig vinyl stickers

Get Hilda and Twig stuck to your notebooks, walls, shoes and laptops with these stickers for $1.50 and up.

Hang this adorable print of Hilda, David and Frida in A5 for just under $8.

Pale peach Woff plushie from Hilda cartoon

Honestly I don’t think you could just have one Woff. You’d need at least two. Or three hundred. $50 each.

Wood Man figure from Hilda comic

Finally, someone needs to buy me this Wood Man figure, a perfect depiction for $52.

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