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10 DIY Bookstand Ideas

Nina Grauer

Staff Writer

Transcending charmingly eccentric and entering just plain weird, Nina Grauer is currently a Senior in Penn State's BFA Stage Management Program. She originally hails from Long Island, and hopes to settle in NYC, land of walking too fast. She lives with her dog in training, Pooka, and no one else because she's an introvert and is autistic. Please don't touch her.

Right now, we’re all stuck inside and probably getting a bit too much screen time. So kill two birds with one stone with these DIY bookstand ideas. Once you complete these super-fun crafts, you’ll no doubt feel compelled to use your masterpiece while reading your favorite new physical book, purchased from an indie bookstore. Or hold up your favorite cookbook while you try out a million new recipes.

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DIY Geometric Bookstand

This DIY bookstand looks like something straight out of Urban Outfitters. So get down with your trendy self without that high price tag by making this cute as heck bookstand.

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Hanger Bookstand

Want to spend as little money and time as possible? Buzzfeed’s got you covered with this DIY bookstand made out of a wire hanger, which you probably got for free in the first place. You’re just a few bent wires away from never having to hold a book again!

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Handmade Wooden Cookbook Stand

Looking for something that’ll take some more time to make? Do you live in a cabin? Look no further than this simple yet very attractive wooden bookstand.

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DIY Cardboard Bookstand

You’ve probably been doing a lot of online shopping, which means you probably have a ton of spare cardboard lying around. Put those boxes to good use by making bookstands for the whole family! You can customize it with all different kinds of wrapping paper, or leave it blank for your kids to decorate.

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Copper Bookstand

This bookstand is simple and oh so cool to look at. Your book will thank you for giving it such a cool place to sit while you read it.

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Copper Pipe Recipe Bookstand

This bookstand had a nice clear bit to keep your book open without blocking a single word. It also just looks really cool, and you could paint or stain the wood so the stand will match your room.

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Book Stand for Dad

According to the website, this bookstand is only for dads. Sorry, everyone else. It’s also more of a gigantic bookmark than a bookstand, but wouldn’t it look cool on your nightstand? Not to mention it’d be so much easier to just flop your book onto this giant triangle than putting a wee little bit of ribbon between the pages. Unless you’re not a dad, then it’s bookmarks or bust.

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DIY Bookstand Out of a Box

This quick and easy bookstand has some storage to boot!

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Thomas Jefferson Bookstand

This is probably the most complicated DIY here, but look at how cool this thing is! There’s a bit of debate on whether it’s actually a bookstand or a music stand for multiple musicians. Regardless, it could be YOUR bookstand.

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Laundry Detergent Bookstand

Okay, so this is by far the weirdest one I’ve found. But isn’t it a fun way to recycle?

Now that you’ve got a cool new bookstand, find a cool new cookbook to put on it. Or maybe just a fun fictional read. But rest assured, you will no longer have to hold it up yourself.