#Read Harder

Read Harder is Book Riot’s annual reading challenge, where we design 24 tasks to help you read outside your comfort zone and find your next favorite read!

Who Is Nora Roberts?

A look into Nora Roberts one of the most popular romance novelists of all time who helped redefine the genre in the 1980s and beyond.

How to Focus on Reading with ADHD

From physical approaches to tech hacks, one reader with ADHD explores tips on how to focus on reading with ADHD.

How Books are Used to Perpetuate the Prison Industrial Complex

The prison industrial complex has been the subject of much criticism in nonfiction works, but books are also used to support this system.

QUIZ: Which Sub-Genre Should You Tackle Next?

From Godpunk to cozy mysteries, there are so many sub-genres to explore. This quiz will tell you your new favorite sub-genre!

The 25 Best Horror Books of 2023

Get ready to get spooked. Find the best horror books 2023 has to offer that have defined the year in horror.

How Should We Feel About Barnes & Noble Now?

Barnes and Noble is putting on the costume of a local indie bookstore, but their inner mechanics are still all big-box chain corporation.

Reckless Vibing: 12 Disaster Girl Novels to Make You Think You’re Doing Pretty Great, All Things Considered

We love a disaster girl novel, and you will, too.

We Live in a Society: A Brief Introduction to the Social Horror Genre

The social horror genre takes societal issues and exaggerates them, turning them into a major source of horror. Find our picks.

The Most Read YA Books in College and University Classes

The average publication date of YA books most commonly assigned in colleges and universities is 1998.

40 of the Most Anticipated Beach Reads of 2023

Find 40 of the best beach reads 2023 has to offer, including Summer Reading by Jenn McKinley, organized by release date so you know when you'll be able to find them.