#Read Harder

Read Harder is Book Riot’s annual reading challenge, where we design 24 tasks to help you read outside your comfort zone and find your next favorite read!

7 Books by Autistic Authors to Pick Up This Autism Acceptance Month

April is Autism Acceptance Month, and these books by autistic authors include everything from a spicy rom-com to a historical fantasy.

What are You Reading This Week — April 11, 2024

Here's what I'm reading this week, plus the tasks I've completed in the 2024 Read Harder Challenge. Share your recent reads in the comments!

Travel the World With These International Books In Translation

What's your favorite book in translation?

What are You Reading This Week? — April 4, 2024

We're a quarter of the way through the year! How are you doing with your reading goals and the 2024 Read Harder Challenge tasks?

7 Books About Pulling Pranks to Read On April Fools’ Day

These books cover the highs and lows of pulling pranks, from prank war romance novels to thrillers about deadly pranks.

What are You Reading This Week — March 28, 2024

What have you been reading this week, and how are you progressing through the 2024 Read Harder Challenge? Let's chat in the comments!

The Best Poetry Collections are Queer, BIPOC, and Indie Published

Task #7 of the Read Harder Challenge is "Read an indie published collection of poetry by a BIPOC or queer author." Here's where to start!

More Sci-Fi Novellas to Transport You to New Worlds

Here are your recommendations for books to read for task #5 of the 2024 Read Harder Challenge: Read a sci-fi novella.

Join the Trans Rights Readathon March 22-29

The 2nd annual Trans Rights Readathon is March 22-29th! Here's how to participate, plus some recs that also complete 2024 Read Harder tasks.

What are You Reading This Week — March 14, 2024

Let's chat in the comments about what you've been reading this week and which Read Harder Challenge tasks you've completed so far!