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Washington State Introduces, Advances School Anti-Book Ban Bill

Washington joins several other US states in advancing anti-book ban legislation this session.

Freedom to Read Act Reintroduced in New Jersey

One of the most comprehensive Freedom to Read bills has been introduced in New Jersey legislature.

The Library Trust Matrix: Book Censorship News, January 26, 2024

Most parents trust librarians, but that trust is continually undermined. That, plus this week's book censorship news.

New Bill in Illinois Addresses Threats to Library Workers

Updates to Illinois's Criminal Code would protect library workers from threats, including those received online.

Kansas Legislators Introduce Anti-Book Ban Bill

Lawmakers in Kansas have filed a bill to combat book bans in public schools and libraries.

Anti-Book Ban Bill Introduced in Colorado

A new bill in Colorado would establish anti-discriminatory and anti-removal practices when it comes to book bans in public and school libraries.

Sparkly and Fun Stickers for Library Lovers

These fun stickers for library lovers include old school stools, card catalogs, and more.

Be Your Own Library Advocate: Book Censorship News, January 19, 2024

Library workers need to stand up for themselves and the work they already do—and need time to do so. That, plus book censorship news.

Trauma, Book Bans, and Libraries: A Resource Guide for Library Workers, Library Supporters, and Beyond

A resource guide to trauma in the library for library workers, including where and how book bans impact the trauma cycle.

Book Banning Will Not Stop at Schools: Book Censorship News, January 12, 2024

Public libraries need to prepare for what's happening at school libraries to happen to them. That, plus this week's book censorship news.