Riot Headline 10 Exciting Books to Read this Summer


A Purr-fect Program: A Massachusetts Public Library Is Waiving Fines When Shown A Cat Photo

A paws-itively purrfect library proggram.

Llano County Public Librarian Fired for Not Banning Books Sues County, Library Commissioners

A Llano County librarian who refused to ban books at the direction of the board and county has filed a lawsuit with a firm making a name for themselves protecting libraries nationwide.

Bill to End Book Bans on Table in Minnesota

Minnesota proposes new legislation to curtail book bans.

New Mexico’s Anti-Book Ban Bill Is Dead

Advocates for the bill showed up, but there is hope for next session.

Maryland Introduces Freedom to Read Act

"[N]o matter who you are, one thing is always the same in every library: you are accepted, valued, and you are never alone."

Here Are The 2024 Summer Scares Titles For a Summer of Excellent Horror Reading

The Summer Scares program is in its 6th year selecting, promoting, and developing library programming around great horror reads.

Autauga-Prattville Library Board Bans LGBTQ+ Books for Under 17s; Red Labeling Queer Adult Books

Library workers at Autauga-Prattville Library now need to red label all LGBTQ+ books to warn the public library patrons of its content; LGBTQ+ books for kids completely banned, too.

Why Do We Even Read?: Book Censorship News, February 9, 2024

A frightening percentage of parents do not even know—or care—why we read books at all.

A Bill in Virginia Would Ban Book Bans by School Boards

Virginia is among the several US states attempting to legislate against book bans.

American Intolerance and Book Bans: Book Censorship News, February 2, 2024

Books by or about queer people and people of color draw ire because intolerance is baked into American culture. That + book censorship news.