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New (To Me) Booktubers

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There is nothing better than finding something new. The novelty of discovering a fresh novel or video never loses its appeal, no matter how many times one might stumble onto a unique concept. As I delve deeper and deeper into the loving embrace of YouTube, it seems that I continue to find BookTubers that absolutely are a joy to watch. Some I had heard whispers about, and others I never would have been able to find if I hadn’t been looking for a particular review video, but now that I’ve been acquainted with their style and taste in books, there is no going back. Here is a short list of five creators that are new (to me), and I hope you find them as entertaining as I do!

A Clockwork Reader

If you are into YA, adult fantasy, historical fiction, middle grade, or most anything in-between, Hannah is your girl! Her calming voice and insightful remarks make reviews pleasant to watch, and she just might get you hooked on a book you never thought of looking at twice. Oh! And did I mention that she does vlogs, author interviews, and giveaways? This is definitely a channel you need to check out.

Goodreads | http://bit.ly/2E0mgmh

Instagram | http://bit.ly/2s5LLky

Twitter| http://bit.ly/2GElYDb


Brandon (who also goes by Bran) doesn’t have any problem delivering opinion balanced with a healthy dash of humor and sarcasm. His reviews and book hauls are especially entertaining due to his witty jokes and video editing. While he does read a fair bit of YA, Bran also has a love for adult thrillers and the like. When he’s not spilling the tea on his latest read, Bran can usually be seen in unboxing videos, challenge videos, and vlogs.

Goodreads | http://bit.ly/2DWZNKH

Instagram | http://bit.ly/2foSTm8

Twitter | http://bit.ly/2hFivfk

Hailey in Bookland

Get ready to dive down the rabbit hole when you find Hailey’s channel. This Alice in Wonderland fanatic takes her enthusiasm for books and makes it apparent in all of the review videos she makes. Not only can you expect thorough and fair recaps of novels, but you can also watch her abundance of bookshelf tours to give you some inspiration for your own shelves.

Goodreads |http://bit.ly/2GJl6xg

Instagram | http://bit.ly/2qbUaka

Twitter |  http://bit.ly/2plKOzJ


Pops of pink and other colors differentiate Monica from other BookTubers. Additionally, Monica keeps a bright attitude that matches her thumbnails perfectly. If you’re not completely sold on a book based on hype, you’re not alone. Monica is not afraid to go against the flow or to share her honest opinion of highly rated books. Her taste in novels ranges from adult, middle grade, and YA. With her bubbly personality and love for feminist themes in literature, how could you not give her videos a thumbs up?

Goodreads |  http://bit.ly/2FHTkzP

Instagram | http://bit.ly/2BQbrkM

Twitter |  http://bit.ly/2EAf6pH

Literary Prints

If you’re looking for BookTubers who have a palate for many genres, look no further than Literary Prints, or as she is more commonly known, Catherine. A short list of the genres that she reads includes works in translation, literary fiction, historical fiction, non-fiction, feminist prose, poetry, memoirs, romance, YA, thrillers, and classics. (This is just based on one of her videos alone! Who’s to say that she doesn’t have a larger scope of genres beyond even these?) Accentuating her large range of interests, Catherine makes sure to express her in-depth analysis throughout her recommendation and review videos with the expertise of an avid reader. Her pleasant countenance and thorough book discussions make her channel a must-see.

Goodreads| http://bit.ly/2FFcE0K

Twitter | http://bit.ly/2GI1vgL


So, there you go: five more BookTubers that you may want to check out as 2018 begins to bloom before you. It’s a big world out there, with tons of books and reviewers to discover and enjoy. Hopefully, these five creators can introduce you to a new side of BookTube. I know that they have certainly made my TBR that much longer, and have brought tons of smiles to my face.


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