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150 More Book Characters by Their Myers-Briggs Type

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Years ago I discovered the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI for short). One of the things I really liked about it was seeing the kind of people or fictional characters I shared traits with. Classifying book characters by their Myers-Briggs type is very fun! But for those of you who don’t know what MBTI is, let’s backtrack a little. The Myers-Briggs Type is a theory that aims to categorize psychological types by how a person perceives and reacts to the world. It uses four letters or categories to do so, and it can give you one of 16 different combinations. That’s what you call a “personality type.”

These letters are: E for extrovert, I for intuitive, S for sensing, N for intuitive, T for thinking, F for feeling, J for judging, and P for perceiving. You then combine those letters or categories to form the types. For example, I would be an INFP. You can read more about it on their website, or look for a book about personality types. But that’s the gist of it, and today I’m here to have fun with the personality types. Related to bookish things, this means I’m here to share with you which Myers-Briggs type are our favorite book characters!

One last thing before we start. I’ll be talking about 150 MORE fictional book characters by their Myers-Briggs Type. For we already have a list with no less than 202 characters! So strap in and let’s get started.

ISTJ – The Inspector

Responsible • Planner • Private • Perfectionist • Detail-Oriented

ISTJs are organized and grounded in the here-and-now. They’re good at completing tasks, efficient, and pragmatic. ISTJs take their work seriously and follow specific procedures to accomplish their goals.

Book characters with the ISTJ Myers-Briggs type include: Nesta Archeron (A Court of Thorns and Roses), Linus Baker (The House in the Cerulean Sea), Libby Rhodes (The Atlas Six), Helene Aquilla (An Ember in the Ashes), Xuan Ji, Mu Qing (Heaven Official’s Blessing), Tané (The Priory of the Orange Tree), Tsukuru Tazaki (Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki), and Nasir Ghameq (We Hunt the Flame).

ISTP – The Crafter

Private • Loner Tendencies • Disorganized • Avoidant • Unemotional

ISTPs are logical, pragmatic, and realistic. Plus, they have a deep understanding of how things work. They love troubleshooting — seeking practical solutions for the problems at hand, thanks to their analytic nature. But they can also be spontaneous and even playful.

Book characters with the ISTP type include: Aristotle Mendoza (Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe), Vin (Mistborn), Lila Bard (A Darker Shade of Magic), Kate Sheffield, Simon Basset (Bridgerton), Alex Stern (Ninth House), Selwyn Kane (Legenborn), Kate Harker (This Savage Song), Zafira bint Iskandar (We Hunt the Flame), Gus Everett (Beach Read), and Hua Cheng (Heaven Official’s Blessing).

ISFJ – The Protector

Polite • Easily Offended • Timid • Dutiful • Private

If ISFJs have a defining characteristic, it’s their sense of responsibility. They are realist, organized, compassionate, and caring. ISFJs care about doing what needs to be done. But they are also dependable and care about protecting and taking care of those around them.

Book characters with the ISFJ type include: Patroclus (The Song of Achilles), O-lan (The Good Earth), Sophie Hatter (Howl’s Moving Castle), Grover Underwood (Percy Jackson and the Olympians), Monique Grant (The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo), Keiko Furukura (Convenience Store Woman), Tristan Caine (The Atlas Six), and Sunja Baek (Pachinko).

ISFP – The Composer

Disorganized • Modest • Suggestible • Indecisive • Guarded 

ISFPs are the kind of people who go with the flow. They are cheerful, flexible, and adventurous. This type can also be extremely caring and loyal — even if their warmth and concern isn’t openly apparent. 

Book characters with the ISFP type include: Inej Ghafa (Six of Crows), Feyre Archeron (A Court of Thorns and Roses), Circe (Circe), Poppy Balfour (From Blood and Ash), Ead Duryan (The Priory of the Orange Tree), Felix Love (Felix Ever After), Zélie Adebola (Children of Blood and Bone), and Celine (The Color Purple).

INFJ – The Counselor

Creative • Observer • Avoidant • Cautious • Private 

INFJs are creative, dedicated, and intuitive. But they are also private. So while they might be good at reading others’ emotions, they rarely share their own. This type also tends to look inwards, cherishing human development, spirituality, and their own creative expression.

Book characters with the INFJ type include: Xie Lian (Heaven Official’s Blessing), Roma Montagov (These Violent Delights), Henry Strauss (The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue), Harry Cameron (The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo), Kell Maresh (A Darker Shade of Magic), Daniel Arlington (Ninth House), Noa Baek (Pachinko), Astrid Leong (Crazy Rich Asians), Mateo (They Both Die at the End), Malini (The Jasmine Throne), and Parvaneh (Girl, Serpent, Thorn).

INFP – The Healer

Creative • Idealist • Loner • Disorganized • Avoidant

INFPs are the dreamers. They’re very imaginative and idealist. They care deeply about people — but also about other ideas or projects. One of the things they value is possibility and potential, and they pursue their futures with their own flair.

Book characters with the INFP type include: Nico diAngelo (Percy Jackson and the Olympians), Lara Jean Covey (To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before), Janie Crawford (Their Eyes Were Watching God), Tessa Gray (The Infernal Devices), Elio Perlman (Call Me by Your Name), August Flynn (This Savage Song), Celia St. James (The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo), Auri (The Name of the Wind), Yadriel (Cemetery Boys), and Soraya (Girl, Serpent, Thorn).

INTJ – The Mastermind

Loner • Observer • Perfectionist • Private • Skeptical

INTJs are analytical problem-solvers who always want to put forward their innovative ideas. As intellectuals, they are logical and innovative. INFJs are also independent and selective about their relationships — and aren’t too comfortable around unpredictable people.

Book characters with the INTJ type include: Harrowhark Nonagesimus (Gideon the Ninth), Lila Cerullo (My Brilliant Friend), Annabeth Chase (Percy Jackson and the Olympians), Rhysand (A Court of Thorns and Roses), Victor Vale (Vicious), August Landry (One Last Stop), Natasha Kingsley (The Sun Is Also A Star), Eleanor Oliphant (Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine), Ged (A Wizard of Earthsea), Henry Winter (The Secret History) and Red (This Is How You Lose the Time War).

INTP – The Architect

Loner • Disorganized • Observer • Private • Detached

INTPs are detached, philosophical, innovative, and analytical observers. They spend a lot of time inside their heads, trying to understand how things work — especially concerning the mysteries of the universe. Therefore, they’re naturally curious, even if they don’t seek to control the outer world.

Book characters with the INTP type include: Reina Mori (The Atlas Six), Chen Kitay (The Poppy War), Yunjae Son (Almond), Meg Murry (A Wrinkle in Time), Zachary Ezra Rawlins (The Starless Sea), Pamela Dawes (Ninth House), Murderbot (All Systems Red), Palamedes Sextus (Gideon the Ninth), and Magnus Chase (Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard).

ESTP – The Promoter

Content • Self-Confident • Outgoing • Open • Decisive

ESTPs are active and playful. They like to have a fast-paced lifestyle that is silly rather than serious. They actively seek new challenges and love to problem-solve. However, ESTPs are also logical and analytical — which makes them a decisive bunch.

Book Characters that include the ESTP Myers-Briggs type include: Gideon Nav (Gideon the Ninth), Jesper Fahey (Six of Crows), Noemí Taboada (Mexican Gothic), Hawke (From Blood and Ash), Blue (This Is How You Lose the Time War), Sring Venka (The Poppy War), Mozasu Baek (Pachinko), Nahri e-Nahid (The City of Brass), and Rufus (They Both Die at the End).

ESTJ – The Supervisor

Organized • Group-Oriented • Focused • Conventional • Leader

There’s a reason they call ESTJs the supervisors, for they are more traditional leaders who love organizing projects and people. They are also quick to complete tasks and love to do things “by the book” because of their analytical, logical, and pragmatic nature.

Book characters with the ESTJ type include: Juliette Cai (These Violent Delights), Billy Dune (Daisy Jones & The Six), Anthony Bridgerton (Bridgerton), Altan Trengsin (The Poppy War), Sabran IX (The Priory of the Orange Tree), Ianthe Tridentarius (Gideon the Ninth), Jasper (A Wizard of Earthsea), and Eleanor Young (Crazy Rich Asians).

ESFP – The Performer

Outgoing • Conventional • Talkative • Spontaneous • Emotional

If one thing defines ESFPs, it’s their contagious enthusiasm for life. They are always warm, talkative, playful, and charming — and love to engage with their surroundings. Especially people. This type prefers experiencing life as is, rather than judging or organizing it.

Book characters with the ESFP type include: Francis Abernathy (The Secret History), Rhy Maresh (A Darker Shade of Magic), Maddy Whittier (Everything, Everything), Percy Jackson (Percy Jackson and the Olympians), Rosalind Lang, Marshall Seo (These Violent Delights), Daisy Jones (Daisy Jones & The Six), Peter Kavinsky (To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before), Nina Zenik (Six of Crows), Jane Su (One Last Stop), and Achilles (The Song of Achilles).

ESFJ – The Provider

Organized • Outgoing • Affectionate • Open • Easy to Read

ESFJs have a very clear moral code that guides them. They tend to see things in terms of black and white and want others to play by the same rules. This type values loyalty and tradition — and tends to put business before pleasure. But they are also caring and warm people who deeply care about others.

Book characters with the ESFJ type include: Yin Nezha (The Poppy Wars), Laila (The Gilded Wolves), Daphne Bridgerton, Edwina Sheffield (Bridgerton), Priya (The Jasmine Throne), Isaiah (One Last Stop), Tariq al-Ziyad (The Wrath and the Dawn), and Guinevere Beck (You).

ENFP – The Champion

Outgoing • Disorganized • Spontaneous • Irresponsible • Energetic

ENFPs are a creative and imaginative type. They value individuality, freedom, and self-expression — and they tend to seek deeper meaning in their surroundings. This type is energetic, spontaneous, passionate, and loves possibilities. Therefore, they are especially interested in anything “new” that comes their way.

Book characters with the ENFP type include: Howl (Howl’s Moving Castle), Addie LaRue (The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue), Rachel Chu (Crazy Rich Asians), Dante Quintana (Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe), Nico de Varona (The Atlas Six), Julian (Cemetery Boys), Coronabeth Tridentarius (Gideon the Ninth), January Andrews (Beach Read), and Daniel Jae Ho Bae (The Sun is Also A Star).

ENFJ – The Teacher

Social • Emotional • Altruistic • Involved • Open

ENFJs are driven by their altruism and empathy. They tend to be humanitarian, and their ambition is directed at the world rather than just them. This type is also energetic and driven — and they tend to be very optimistic and forward-thinking. Like the type’s name, they are natural teachers and like to organize and guide others.

Book characters with the ENFJ type include: Eli Cardale (Vicious), Arthur Parnassus (The House in the Cerulean Sea), John Ambrose McClaren (To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before), Su Daji (The Poppy Wars), Julian Morrow (The Secret History), Virginia au Augustus (Red Rising), Sally Jackson (Percy Jackson and the Olympians), and June Claremont-Díaz (Red, White and Royal Blue).

ENTP – The Inventor

Easygoing • Open • Disorganized • Adventurous • Insensitive

Also known as visionaries, ENTPs are innovators. They love to analyze, understand, and know the nature of their surroundings. They do this with an open mind and quick wit — for they are charming, energetic, and enthusiastic people. But they are also spontaneous and often ignore tradition to try something new and forge their own paths.

Book characters with the ENTP type include: Will Herondale (The Infernal Devices), Alex Claremont-Díaz (Red, White and Royal Blue), Kvothe (The Name of the Wind), Jiang Ziya (The Poppy War), Leo Valdez (The Heroes of Olympus), Kelsier (Mistborn), Eloise Bridgerton (Bridgerton), Lucy (The House in the Cerulean Sea), and Cardan Greenbriar (The Cruel Prince).

ENTJ – The Fieldmarshal

Decisive • Planner • Engaged • Ambitious • Dominant

ENTJs are commanders, strategic leaders who love making long-term plans to fulfill their vision. They are assertive, logical, and quick-witted — and their driving force is their need to analyze and bring order to their outer worlds. As their name says, this type seeks positions of influence, as they are very ambitious and like to see a structured and organized world.

Book characters with the ENTJ type include: Fang Runin, Yin Vaisra (The Poppy War), Luc (The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue), Evelyn Hugo (The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo), Marcella Riggins (Vicious), Darrow O’Lykos (Red Rising), Jude Duarte (The Cruel Prince), Kaz Brekker (Six of Crows), Parisa Kamali (The Atlas Six), Wu Zetian (Iron Widow), and Koh Hansu (Pachinko).

Note: Personality type descriptions are mostly taken from the Center for Applications of Psychological Type and Truity. The personality types of the characters were informed by a personality database and compared to other, external, sites like Funky MBTI in Fiction.

So those were 150 more book characters by their Myers-Briggs type. Don’t forget to check out the MBTI types of your favorite authors too!