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Ashley Holstrom

Ashley Holstrom helps make books at Sourcebooks. She lives near Chicago with her cat named after Hemingway and her bookshelves organized by color. Blog: Crooked Prose. Twitter: @alholstrom.

Art, Books, and How to Keep Going: An Interview with Austin Kleon

We talked with Austin Kleon about being creative in a negative political climate, how Thoreau is extremely millennial, and, of course, books.

How to Delete Books from Your Kindle Cloud

Did you know you can delete books from your Kindle cloud? I just found out the other day and it has changed. my. life. It's so squeaky clean now.

New AR Game Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Revealed!

Honestly, I'm a little miffed it isn't called Harry Potter Go!, but whatever. It's fine. I'll get over it.

All the Literary References in Netflix’s YOU

Netflix's YOU is filled with literary references and gorgeous shots of leather-bound books in a dusty bookstore, and we rounded them up for you.

Quiz: Which Steamy Romance Should You Read Next?

From slow burns to fake relationships turning into real love, we've got all types of steamy romance covered in this quiz for which you should read next.

The Most Powerful Quotes from Michelle Obama’s BECOMING

Michelle Obama's memoir is chock-full of wise, powerful quotes on womanhood, race, education, marriage, becoming, and more. Read on for BECOMING quotes.

New Year, New Money: 4 Personal Finance Books for Millennials

Add these excellent new personal finance books for millennials (and humans of all ages) to your TBR to get your money life in order this year.

Words Romance Novels Have Ruined for Me

When you read romance, you end up with a slew of words that are forever ruined in your brain. Because they now are inherently sexy.

Highlights of Books Entering the Public Domain in 2019

Rejoice! Works created in 1923 are finally entering the public domain in 2019! Don’t really know what that means? I ...

Best Epigraphs of 2018

Epigraphs are a lovely part of books—usually a fancy line from a very old work that the author feels in ...

Goodreads Giveaways: Answers To FAQs for Finding and Entering

The world of Goodreads giveaways can be daunting, but we're here to help with this FAQ, answering if Goodreads giveaways are safe and how to enter them.

Instagram Accounts that Celebrate Book Cover Design

Fill your Instagram feed with beautiful book covers and follow these accounts helmed by people in the creative industry who curate the best designs.

Thoughts I Had During My Latest Reading Slump

Reading slumps are the worst. Here are some thoughts I had during my latest nightmare, accompanied by gifs to make it less terrible.

21 Bookish Art Departments to Follow on Instagram

For a while now, I’ve been turning to Instagram for inspiration and pretty things in this dreary world. That means lots ...

Kickstart This: The Vulva Gallery — The Book!

The Vulva Gallery is an illustration series of all kinds of vulvas with the goal of educating. And now there's a Kickstarter to make it a book.