7 DIY Bookmarks for the Crafty Reader

Amanda Nelson

Staff Writer

Amanda Nelson is an Executive Director of Book Riot. She lives in Richmond, VA.

Some of us use bookmarks we pick up at the library or bookstore, some of us use scraps of paper or our car keys or bills we forgot to pay or whatever else is lying around. But some of us, some of us are crafters! These are readers who are also creators, and for whom a two year old credit card receipt isn’t gonna cut it in the place-marking department. So here are a few neat-o DIY bookmarks to scratch your crafty itch:


Duct Tape Bookmarks from As We Play. Just cardboard and fancy duct tape!


Fox Bookmarks from Lonnie Jacobson- just print them out and take your knife to ’em


Fun animals from Lou & Co. This page isn’t in English, but it seems like you just print off the template and use it as a stencil on some thick, pretty paper.

animal bookmarks

Lacing Bookmarks from Handmade Charlotte. Cardboard + yarn + big needle.

lacing bookmarks

Paint Chip Bookmarks from Bookworms Read More Books. Doesn’t get much easier, does it?


Ribbon Bookmarks from Jilly and Mia. I’ve actually made these with gothic-y charms from a craft store and hot pink ribbon, LIKE YOU DO.

DIY ribbon bookmarks

Button bookmarks! Just buttons, paperclips, and super glue! (from Pottery Barn)

button bookmarks


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