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Reading Pathways: Rebekah Weatherspoon

Get to know the diverse and deeply sexy romance novels written by prolific, hybrid author Rebekah Weatherspoon

Going Hard in the Paint With Random Objects

Jess and Trisha are joined by delightful and insightful author Rebekah Weatherspoon to follow up on romance covers, discuss what makes a romance “fluffy,” and recommend some of our favorite fluffy reads.

Let’s Just Call Him “Not Calvin”

Jess and Trisha talk about sports and independent women in Intercepted, wonder whether you should be able to judge a book by its cover, and share a few thoughts on Goodreads Readers Choice romance picks.

Completely Distracted By Things

Jess and Trisha preview their When In Romance book club discussion, chat about what they're reading, and do quick takes on topics from takes on romance covers to when is the right time for Christmas cowboys.

Look How We Accidentally Recommended All the Strippers

Jess and Trisha discuss plagiarism and Kindle Unlimited stuffing, announce the first read for the When In Romance book club, chat about what they’re reading, and update everyone on the success of the #wheninromance hashtag.

Romance 101: Screw Your Beauty Standards

Rioter Amanda D. talks about "imperfect" romance heroines that shirk traditional beauty standards and gives some reading recs.