#librarian weekly feature

I Lost My Dream Job: Keeping Library Vibes Alive in Hard Times

How one librarian is creating her happiness and reminding herself that she's still a librarian after losing her dream job.

Boats, Bread, and Biblioburros: Unusual Libraries Around the World

Explore libraries that have unusual collections, exist in strange places, or use novel modes of transportation to deliver books to readers.

Literary Characters Who Would Make Great Librarians

These characters who would make great librarians have the right stuff for the job, including a curious mind and a commitment to community.

Libraries Most Mysterious: 8 Books About Magical and Mysterious Libraries

Prepare your biggest mug of cocoa, cocoon yourself under many blankets, and bury your nose in one of these books about magical libraries.

10 Inclusive Children’s Holiday Books for the Most Wonderful Storytimes of the Year

If you're looking for some great, seasonal story time reads for kids, check out these inclusive children's holiday books.

5 Favorite Fictional Librarians From Children’s Media

We can't resist a good depiction of librarians! Check out these fictional librarians for kids, and bonus real-life librarians.

THE PUBLIC Movie And Librarian Representation

A librarian points out the accurate portrayals of librarians and library work--and, i.e., common misunderstandings--in the film, THE PUBLIC.

Virtual Library Tour: Newnham College, University of Cambridge

Take a tour of one of the biggest libraries in Cambridge without leaving your home. Head on down to Newnham College with us.

5 Haunted Libraries in 5 Different Countries

Take a virtual tour of some of the world's most haunted libraries, and learn the history behind the hauntings of these bookish spaces.

How to Genrefy Your Library: A Beginner’s Guide to Getting Started

Learn how to genrefy a library, or assign genres to books to help patrons find titles, with this step by step guide for beginners.

To All the Libraries I’ll Miss When I (Finally) Move

Six years after moving to D.C. and deciding it's not for me, there’s still something holding me back from leaving: the libraries.

Getting an MLIS While Working Full Time

Getting an MLIS to work in libraries while working a full time job can be challenging, and this librarian shares her experience.

Zoom Into A Good Read: 4 Ways Libraries Hype Books Virtually

This librarian has seen some truly creative ideas for how libraries hype books virtually, and she's here to share the wealth.

Books for the Future: Why We Need Copyright Libraries

What are copyright libraries, and why do we need them? This article explains the role legal deposits play in the wider world of libraries.

9 of the Best Children’s Books About Libraries and Librarians

Celebrate some of our favorite bookish spaces and people with the tots through these children's books about libraries and librarians.