#librarian weekly feature

9 of the Best Children’s Books About Libraries and Librarians

Celebrate some of our favorite bookish spaces and people with the tots through these children's books about libraries and librarians.

How Librarians Helped Invent the YA Category of Books

A look back in history to how YA librarians and libraries helped create the young adult category of books for teens.

6 Excellent Books Featuring Libraries or Librarians

What could be better than a book about a library, or featuring a librarian as its main character? Find a book for every library lover.

More Fascinating and Free Things From the Library of Congress Website

From concerts to images and so much more, find some fantastic free treasure available on the Library of Congress website right now!

Quiz: Which Librarian From Pop Culture Are You?

Answer some questions about your habits and preferences--take the quiz to find out which iconic librarian of pop culture you are.

How Many Books is Too Many? Ask the World’s 10 Biggest Libraries

There are 22 libraries in the world with a whopping 15 million items catalogued. Here are ten of the world's biggest - with a few facts and some pictures.

Quaranzines are Popular and Libraries are Noticing

Quaranzines collecting people’s quarantine experiences are growing in popularity, and provide important information, and libraries are noticing.

7 Summer Tasks for School Librarians

A librarian compiles seven tasks that can make a school librarian’s life easier in August when the students come rushing back. 

Take the Ultimate Library Trivia Quiz and Test Your Bookish Knowledge

How library savvy are you? Test your knowledge of one of our favorite bookish places by taking the ultimate library trivia quiz.

An Invisible Threat: Compassion Fatigue in Libraries

When both the customers and the staff are suffering as a result of compassion fatigue in libraries, it is essential we do something. Now is the time.

Librarians and the Power of Social Media

A reader considers how social media has given libraries a new tool for community engagement, outreach, and promotion.

8 Great Picture Books Written by Librarians

Who better to write books than the book experts? Check out some excellent picture books written by librarians for their tiniest patrons.

Authors, Austerity and the UK’s Save Our Libraries Campaign

The UK's Save Our Libraries campaign, spearheaded by librarians and authors, began nearly 10 years ago - but has it achieved its goal of stopping closures?

Website Building Resources for School Librarians

A school librarian talks about the importance of building and maintaining a digital space and suggests website resources for school librarians.

Back to Borrowing: Regaining a Love for the Library

How one reader who thought she had grown out of borrowing books regained a passion for using the local library.