#librarian weekly feature

New Year’s Resolutions of a High School Librarian

In school libraries, changes are bigger and take time. I need to slow down to set intentions and clearly define my goals.

I Went to My First Library Conference and Didn’t Take Away What I Thought I Would

My first library conference didn't go as planned, but I walked away with wealth of invaluable knowledge from the larger librarian community.

Library Sitcom SHELVED Could Be The Show We Need

Public libraries are finally getting their own workplace comedy! The Canadian production SHELVED could be the laugh we so desperately need.

Celebrating Banned Books Week 2022

Let's celebrate Banned Books Week! From September 18-24, there are tons of ways to get in on the education and fun.

Back to School Inspiration for Librarians

With back to school season officially upon us, a librarian shares some easy ways to kickstart your school year.

Reflecting on My First Year as a High School Librarian

A librarian reflects on a year working as a high school librarian, sharing lessons learned and goals for the future.

Ancestry, Athenaeums, and Americana: 6 of the Oldest Libraries in Providence, RI

Feast your eyes on these photos of the oldest libraries in Providence, Rhode Island.

My Workplace Joined the Fine-Free Library Movement (And Here’s What I Learned)

The realities -- the good, the challenging, and the great -- of going fine-free in libraries from a public librarian.

The Value of the Book Cover: My Favorite Way to Discover Books in Libraries

A reader and library secretary on the value of book covers in libraries, and how they often help her discover books quickly.

7 Instagram Accounts to Follow if You’re a School Librarian

Don't sleep on these Instagram accounts for school librarians to follow, from accounts by publishers to librarians to authors.