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#Hello Kitty

6 Themed Cookbooks to Spice Up Mealtime

I'm a sucker for a theme, especially as applied to food and family meals. Here are six themed cookbooks to spice up meal time.

Comics Fetish: Volume 88

Comics Fetish is our weekly selection of cool comics-related merch. This week's column includes Sonic the Hedgehog, Wonder Woman, and more.

Comics Fetish: Volume 86

Check out some Steven Universe figures, Mega Man plush, a Hello Kitty backpack, and more in this week's edition of Comics Fetish!

Peek Over Our Shoulders: What Panelteers Are Reading in April 2015

Some of you may know Peek Over Our Shoulders from Book Riot. Well, now it’s time to do it at Panels. ...

Read Harder Recommendations: Non-Traditional Superheroes

The Panels 2015 Read Harder Challenge consists of 26 challenge categories spanning the breadth and depth of all things that ...

When Used Books Attack: Operation Banana Candle

It’s been a year since I wrote about the stupefyingly awful 1970s cookbook Be Bold with Bananas and the banana candle. And the ...