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Annotated Agatha Christie Bingo

From the military man who bores everyone to train hijinks, we've rounded up some tropes for a fun-filled game of annotated Agatha Christie bingo!

A Bookish Gilmore Girls BINGO Card

A bookish Gilmore Girls BINGO card for binge-watching the new mini-series!

Book Banning BINGO

You guys, I’m really, REALLY sick of these book challenge stories. I mean, I listen to Jeff and Rebecca talk ...

Story Tropes Bingo for (Almost) Every Genre

If you could manifest my love/hate relationship with story tropes and plot devices in concrete form, it turns out it ...

The John Green and THE FAULT IN OUR STARS Media Bingo Card

Unless you live under a rock, chances are you’ve heard of this guy named John Green and chances are that ...