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Annotated Agatha Christie Bingo

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The Narratologist has a great series of literary bingo cards, which gently skewer the preoccupations of famous authors. Charles Dickens Bingo includes squares for “fallen woman suicide” and “blackmail,” for instance. Rainbow Rowell Bingo features “pining” and “Curvy Girl.”

Agatha Christie is no stranger to tropes. Certain types of characters and settings pop up again and again in her works, though each plot is distinctive. Here’s an Agatha Christie bingo card, followed by links to each square.

Agatha Christie Bingo

Someone eats, or is likened to, an egg

Multiple murders to hide key murder



Hastings distracted by a redhead auburn hair

Miss Marple knits

Military man bores everyone

Obsessive attention to timeline

Casual racism

Clues in conversation

Suffocating family

The Servant Problem

Plucky young woman

Hot guys are bastards

Inquest adjourned a fortnight


Smudged or charred document


Delicate English sensibilities

Intimidatingly efficient secretary

Country house

Train hijinks

Gardening obsession



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