Recommended is a book review podcast from Book Riot featuring interesting people talking about their favorite books. Listen to any of our previous episodes online now.

Episode 13Recommended By The Numbers

Producer Jenn Northington takes us through the numbers of the past five seasons.

Episode 12Wendy Xu and Tommy Pico

In this episode, Wendy Xu recommends Claudia Gray and Tommy Pico recommends A.R. Ammons.

Episode 11Jeanette Winterson and Nafiza Azad

Jeanette Winterson recommends Virginia Woolf and Nafiza Azad recommends Shailja Patel.

Transcript: Jeanette Winterson and Nafiza Azad

Episode 10Garth Nix and Silvia Moreno-Garcia

In this episode, Garth Nix recommends Alexandre Dumas and Silvia Moreno-Garcia recommends Charles Williams.

Transcript: Garth Nix and Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Episode 9Jami Attenberg and Valerie Valdes

Jami Attenberg recommends Patti Smith and Valerie Valdes recommends Diana Wynne Jones.

Transcript: Jami Attenberg and Valerie Valdes

Episode 8Sonali Dev and Maris Kreizman

In this episode, Sonali Dev recommends Kate Clayborn and Maris Kreizman recommends Dominick Dunne.

Transcript: Sonali Dev and Maris Kreizman