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Transcript: Kristen Lepionka and Kekla Magoon

Episode 7Kristen Lepionka and Kekla Magoon

In this episode, Kristen Lepionka recommends Carol Anshaw and Kekla Magoon recommends Pamela F. Service.

Transcript: Alexis Hall and Maika and Maritza Moulite

Episode 6Alexis Hall and Maika and Maritza Moulite

This week, Alexis Hall recommends Terry Pratchett, Maika Moulite recommends Elizabeth Acevedo, and Maritza Moulite recommends Maria Semple.

Episode 5Jackson Bird and Kim Scott

In this episode, Jackson Bird recommends Stephen Chbosky and Kim Scott recommends Elizabeth Knox.

Transcript: Jackson Bird and Kim Scott

Episode 4Jen Wang and Courtney Maum

Today on Recommended, Jen Wang and Courtney Maum talk about favorites that are very relevant to their interests!

Transcript: Jen Wang and Courtney Maum

Episode 3Tamsyn Muir and Keah Brown

In this episode, Tamsyn Muir recommends Peter Høeg and Keah Brown recommends Casey McQuiston.

Transcript: Tamsyn Muir and Keah Brown