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Looking for the best young adult books, new YA books for your pre-order list, or young adult fiction for yourself or to give to the teens in your life? We’ve got you covered.

Edward Cullen is a Comedian, and Other Thoughts on MIDNIGHT SUN

A reader examines her history with TWILIGHT and shares her wiser, more critical, and more snarky thoughts on MIDNIGHT SUN.

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7 Books for Young Readers Where School Is The Social Setting

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Tiffany D. Jackson and the “Stress” of It All

A reader examines why Tiffany D. Jackson's novels can be stressful, and how stories like GROWN advocate for Black girls and women.

3 Must-Read YA Graphic Memoirs

Dive into three must-read 2020 YA graphic memoirs featuring heartfelt and illuminating stories about banned books, grief, and immigration.

“I’ve Censored My True Feelings”: Jessica Darling, Me, and Mental Illness

Jessica Darling made me feel less alone growing up, navigating what it is to discover oneself while experiencing mental illness.

9 of the Best YA Vampire Books

Why is the vampire myth so popular? Whatever the answer, vampires are here to stay, and we've got some YA vampire books for fans.

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10 Great YA Books Set in the 1990s

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4 YA Books Filled With Epic Bilingual Characters We’d Love to Befriend

These characters can dip in and out of languages like it ain't no thing. Check out these YA books featuring bilingual characters.

“Readers Are Realizing Their Hunger For Our Stories”: Native Literature for Kids and Teens

On the growth of Native literature for young readers and teens, from Native authors and storytellers.

8 Witchy YA Novels to Get You Ready for Halloween

Grab your broomstick and get into the spirit of the Halloween season with these atmospheric and spooky YA books about witchcraft.

Why The Medieval Girl in the Tower Trope Still Exists in YA Lit

What is it about the girl in the tower trope that has kept it in use since the Medieval era? Consider its function and persistence in YA.

4 More YA Books About Aliens and the Unknown

Celebrate Halloween season with these four YA novels about aliens and exploring the unknown.