#Read This Book

Black Folklore and History in This Amazing New Poetry Anthology

"It’s not only standing up to shout that 'we’re here' but also 'we have been here' and more than that, 'we are here today because our ancestors survived being brought here.'"

Hi, I’m the Egg You Donated

One minute you're flying solo, the next the egg you donated is a 12-year-old that wants to get to know you.

A Messy Queer Girlhood in Singapore

Looking for a compelling essay collection about growing up? This one explores girlhood, queerness, and growing up in Singapore.

Time for Some Science-Based and Compassionate Sex Advice

Dr. Nagoski's advice on sex is "rooted in research and conversations with real people. It makes it more accessible and realistic and relatable."

Love at the Local Bar

Who says you can't find love at a bar?

A Buzzy New Release Loaded With Campus Drama

Get this book on your TBR ASAP.

A High-Stakes, Anxiety-Inducing Mystery to Read in February

What are your favorite, heavy-hitting YA books?

A Little Bit A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN, But with Magic

It's queer, it's witchy, it's SO good.