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There's something about solving the mystery, finding the killer, and then cozying up in front of the fire with these Christmas cozy mysteries.

What Makes a Good Mystery Series?

What is it about a good mystery series that makes readers like me commit for multiple novels, dozens of murders, and thousands of pages?

9 Macabre Medical Mystery Books

Medicine can be fascinating, but also bloody, mysterious and sinister. It's not surprising that it has inspired many medical mystery books, like Lakewood by Megan Giddings.

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What mysteries made BookTok love reading again? What novels could TikTok readers not put down? Find the most popular mystery books on TikTok.

7 Signs You Might Be Stuck In a Cozy Mystery Series

Do you find yourself in a charming bakery with a dead body where everyone's speaking in puns? You might be in a cozy mystery.

What is Roman Noir? A Brief History of the Genre

What is Roman noir and how is it connected to film noir? Here is a brief history of the genre, starting with its beginnings in German film.

13 November Mystery, Thrillers, and True Crime Releases

November is full of exciting stuff for mystery fans, from a new procedural series set in Colorado to vigilante historical fiction.

8 Page-Turning Mysteries and Thrillers About Sisters

From powerful and tense to loving or dramatic, these mysteries and thrillers about sisters explore the complexity of sisterly dynamics, including Like a Sister by Kelly Garrett.

So You’re Stuck in a Cozy Mystery: A Survival Kit

Listen, if you’re planning a life of amateur sleuthing, you’re going to have to be prepared. First, you need to look like a detective.

Murder Reading For Fans of BAD SISTERS (AKA JP Must Die!)

Whether you want terrible MCs who simply must die, a whydunnit, or some killer sister drama, these books like BAD SISTERS scratch the itch.