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Sean Bell

Sean Bell is a Scots-Irish-Armenian writer based in Edinburgh. His journalism has appeared in the Glasgow Herald, the Sunday Herald, the Evening Times, Death Ray, Fringe. and Pop Matters. He can be followed on Twitter @SeanCMBell

Riot Round-Up: The Best Books We Read in April

Black Lake by Johanna Lane A modern family living in the husband’s familial crumbling and ancient Irish estate run out ...

THE BIOGRAPHIZER TRILOGY by D. Harlan Wilson: A Review

“It doesn’t matter what I write from now on. You know I’ve tricked you and you’re still reading Hitler: The ...

The Best Books of 2013: Halftime Report

2013 is half-over, so we thought we’d round-up the best new books we’ve read so far this year. Let us ...

Genre Kryptonite: Elvis Literature

Perhaps - no fat jokes, please - Elvis is simply too big a subject for most writers to handle.

Bravery: A Few Words on Iain Banks

  By now, many will be aware of the sad circumstances which have engulfed Iain Banks, one of the most ...