Katherine Marciniak

Katherine is an over-caffeinated avid reader, writer and college student. She was featured in the anthology Once Upon an Apocalypse, and loves to beta read and edit when she has the opportunity. She’ll do more impressive things after she’s finished her tea…and this next chapter.

Reading When You Don’t Have The Time

Reflections on the Typewriter Project

An operator of a Typewriter Project booth reflects on the poetry/art installation experience from the New York City Poetry Festival.

Cliffhangers: is the Suspense Worth it?

Tl;dr: no.

Hold it! The Struggle with Long Library Holds

On finally getting on the digital library loans bandwagon...then realizing the hold lists are a little frustrating.

How Do You Define “Summer Read”?

Does a summer read have to be light and fluffy? Or do you reach for a long and complex book to carry you through all three months?

Growing Up in the House Where Stories Come From

A reader on growing up with a writer for a parent, beta reading as a teen, reading Writer's Digest as a kid, and growing up surrounded by stories.

New Adult Fiction: When You Want Adult Characters, But Not Too Adult

So you want to read about adult characters, but you're not ready for the emotional suburban dramas of literary fiction? Try New Adult.

Reading Critically and Identifying What You Don’t Like About Some Books

A reader on wrestling the inner editor and reading critically to identify reading preferences and dislikes. Are you a critical reader?

On Reading the Acknowledgements

A few reasons why reading your book's acknowledgements is a good idea.

The All-Healing Power of the Great Outdoors in Old Kid Lit

Ever noticed how old children's books all recommend going outside as a way to heal illness? Here's why!