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Alone In the Big City: How Short Stories Grapple With Urban Loneliness

Despite their dense population, these short stories illustrate cities can be deeply lonely, which contributes to the mental health crisis.

How Does Love Poetry Celebrate The Ordinary To Bring Out The Extraordinary?

Love poetry tells us how love makes one look at the world through a new lens, giving us enthusiasm for even the most trivial of things.

The “Dark Side” of Female Desire in Recent Literary Fiction

In a patriarchal society, what does literature have to say about the dark side of female desire? A look at two recent examples.

How Literature Depicts The Chinese Cultural Revolution

Through its multiple points of view, literature brings to us the side of history that dictators tried to erase from collective memory.

Reading Jacqueline Wilson as a Child of a Broken Family Brought Me Comfort

On finding solace as a child through the honest and challenging depictions of family in Jacqueline Wilson's books.

Neither Saints Nor Monsters: The Depiction of Women in Contemporary Crime Fiction

While women were once only the victim in mystery novels, contemporary crime fiction gives female characters the complexity they deserve.

Saadat Hasan Manto’s Legacy: On Reading Manto In A Crumbling Nation

When literature of the past speaks to the reality of contemporary India.

How Do The Themes Of Exile And Dispossession Feature In Mahmoud Darwish’s Poetry?

Mahmoud Darwish is a poet who encapsulates the experiences of Palestinians, tracing themes of exile, freedom, and dislocation.

How Is Literary Fiction Redefining Romance And Thus Opening Us Up Towards Unconventional Relationship Models?

The romance genre has done a lot to show us the many ways to experience love. Here's what literary fiction has added to the conversation.

What Does the Image of the Cat Signify In Japanese Fiction?

In Japanese folklore, cats are the symbols of good luck and are said to have protective powers, but how has this image changed over time?