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Orange City Calls for Segregation of LGBTQ Books, Because That’s Not Banning, Right?

Because segregating, putting warning labels on, and limiting the purchase of LGBTQ books doesn't count as banning, right? (Please don't put the LGBTQ books in a closet.)

Dear Slate: Banned Books Week Isn’t a “Crock”

Here’s a story about how one library system became two: in the enlightened 1990s, parents in a rural Georgia community ...

So You Want to Ban A Book: A Mad Libs Petition

It happens to the best of us: we need to alert authorities to the presence of a dangerous book among ...

Dear School Boards of America: Have a Backbone. Also, Read Books.

On June 12th, the Cape Henlopen school board in Delaware voted 6-1 to drop Emily M. Danforth’s The Miseducation of ...