#book banning

Please Stop Telling Authors That Having a Banned Book is a Good Thing

It's really not the compliment you think it is, it's not even close to being a backhanded compliment. A banned book is heartbreaking.

Join the #FReadom Letter Writing Campaign to Combat Censorship!

The #FReadom campaign is asking you to write your school board with provided templates to support school libraries and access to information.

Banned, Censored, & Burned Books: There’s A Museum For That

Get to know the brand new Banned Books museum, located in Estonia.

California School District Considers Classic Book Ban

The National Coalition Against Censorship is urging a California school district to retain several books in their curriculum while a proposed ban is under review.

Orange City Calls for Segregation of LGBTQ Books, Because That’s Not Banning, Right?

Because segregating, putting warning labels on, and limiting the purchase of LGBTQ books doesn't count as banning, right? (Please don't put the LGBTQ books in a closet.)

Dear Slate: Banned Books Week Isn’t a “Crock”

A public librarian counters Slate's notion that Banned Books Week is no longer necessary.

So You Want to Ban A Book: A Mad Libs Petition

One Rioter provides a helpful template for those petitioning to ban books.

Dear School Boards of America: Have a Backbone. Also, Read Books.