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The Best Places to Make Personalized Baby Books

Sam Burt

Staff Writer

Sam is a tutor and copywriter living in east London. He divides his time between trying to get kids to do what they’re told, and doing the same with words. A book a week keeps him happy and (fairly) sane. Working towards a career in publishing (and That Novel) also helps. He writes for the Guardian, Huffington Post and OpenDemocracy, and recently won 2nd prize in a Writer's Magazine story contest.

Personalized children’s books have been one of the biggest publishing trends in recent years. They’re custom-made to incorporate the reader’s name and other personal details, and kids love them. Even better, research suggests that, by engaging younger readers, they can boost vocabulary development. The craze has since spread to books for babies and toddlers. These make perfect gifts for special occasions but, in a crowded marketplace, you may find yourself at a loss where to begin. To help, here are some of the best places to make personalized baby books.

happy mum toys

Does what it says on the tin! These “quiet books” are baby-friendly felt creations with interactive features to develop early motor skills.

Quiet time book


Probably nearer the toddler end of the spectrum, these cutesy packaged sets give tots their first taste of literary classics like The Odyssey, Anna Karenina and Moby-Dick. Start ’em young! (It’s okay for big kids to like these too.)

Baby Lit books


These gentle eco-friendly story books are full of interesting facts about their reader’s first ever day, such as the time of the sunrise and sunset, as well as their birth stone and the animal of their Chinese year.

The Day You Were Born book and monkey character.


This personalized baby books series has become a favourite with toddlers upwards, thanks in part to its sturdy design and high-quality illustrations. Each illustration, as well as the rhyming story itself, is personalized for the child’s name.

My Magic Name book


Travels Around the World takes young readers on a treasure hunt around seven countries, introducing them to friends from different cultural, racial and ethnic backgrounds. Importantly, Family Stories creates avatars that reflect readers’ real families, including same-sex, single and mixed-race parents.

Travels Around the World books


As every parent knows, rhymes are great for developing early reading skills. These personalized poems and nursery rhymes bring a fresh twist to the classics.


Ideal for younger readers, these chunky books are made from felt compressed onto boards, and can be customised for a range of purposes—bedtime story, learning resource, puzzle book, etc. A simple, durable keepsake.


Founded in 2013 by a paediatric nurse, this book publisher specialises in books that communicate with younger children about “worries, changes, milestones and positive messages.” Their online platform allows you to customise the featured topic, family and character, and looks utterly charming.


These My Little Monster Name books are bright, colourful and fun, and ideal for preschool readers. The lucky tot will get to see the letters of their name come to life…and get up to no good.

Wonderbly custom book


Where do you find your favorite personalized baby books?