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Justin Trudeau Is a Geek

Brenna Clarke Gray

Staff Writer

Part muppet and part college faculty member, Brenna Clarke Gray holds a PhD in Canadian Literature while simultaneously holding two cats named Chaucer and Swift. It's a juggling act. Raised in small-town Ontario, Brenna has since been transported by school to the Atlantic provinces and by work to the Vancouver area, where she now lives with her stylish cyclist/webgeek husband and the aforementioned cats. When not posing by day as a forserious academic, she can be found painting her nails and watching Degrassi (through the critical lens of awesomeness). She posts about graphic narratives at Graphixia, and occasionally she remembers to update her own blog, Not That Kind of Doctor. Blog: Not That Kind of Doctor Twitter: @brennacgray

Justin Trudeau is a geek, and we have the pictures to prove it.

If you’ve been following the media frenzy around Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau this week, you may be aware of the following facts:

  • He’s an avowed feminist.
  • He loves pandas.
  • 60 Minutes thinks his mom is Kim Catrall.
  • He’s having a state dinner at the White House this week and a lot of people think he and Obama should probably kiss. Oh, is that just in my fanfic? Oh. Ok.

    What you might not know is that he’s also a giant geek. That’s right: Justin Trudeau is One Of Us. And I have proof! And pictures! (Mostly this post is about the pictures.)

    Justin Trudeau knows the Vulcan hand sign.

    justin trudeau vulcan

    Justin Trudeau and his wife, Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau, dressed up as Han and Leia for Halloween (and baby Hadrian was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle).

    Prime Minister-designate Justin Trudeau, dressed as Han Solo from The Empire Strikes Back, walks with his children Hadrien (second from right), Ella-Grace and Xavier, as his wife Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau, dressed as Princess Leia, jokes with onlookers as the family prepares to go trick-or-treating on Halloween in Ottawa on Saturday, Oct. 31, 2015. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Justin Tang

    Justin Trudeau gets why Back to the Future is an important piece of cultural heritage (hey, Michael J. Fox is Canadian, after all).

    justin trudeau back to the future

    Justin Trudeau can throw down and enjoy himself at a con with the best of them.

    justin trudeau comiccon

    In fact, he’s even been a Guest of Honour at one!

    justin trudeau comicon guest of honour

    Justin Trudeau once bought his 2-year-old son the Millennium Falcon lego set so he could build it himself and admits he “geeks out way too easily” (watch the whole video to see him recite French poetry, too).


    When Justin Trudeau was 11, he asserted that Return of the Jedi was the better than Empire Strikes Back.


    (He would go on to correct his mistake.)


    Justin Trudeau can always find the droid you’re looking for.

    Prime Minister Trudeau attends a pre-screening of the latest Star Wars movie alongside patients from CHEO. December 15, 2015. /// Le premier ministre Trudeau assiste à l'avant-première du plus récent film de la saga La guerre des étoiles en compagnie de patients du CHEO. 15 décembre 2015.

    (Actually, that photo was taken at an exclusive pre-screening of SW: TFA. His guests of honour? A group of patients from the local children’s hospital.)

    trudeau and cheo patients at star wars

    In fact, like all geeks, Justin Trudeau had some awkward times in his teenage years.

    justin trudeau awkward nerd

    But he seems to have figured it out.


    So enjoy our Prime Minister while he’s visiting, Amercian Geeks. But make sure you send him back safe and sound.