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Help a New Comic Reader Out: Call for Questions

It’s no secret that we Panelteers love comics. We fervently, maddeningly, sometimes awkwardly love the sequential arts. I’m talking all-caps LOVE, guys. But we know that sometimes comic books and comics culture has a lot of nuances and traditions and continuity that are a bit difficult to navigate.

In our new feature, Help a New Comic Reader Out, we team up a rookie comic reader with a seasoned vet to show them the ropes. It’s just like your favorite buddy cop comedy. But with a lot more geeking out and a lot less property damage.

So if there’s a burning question you have about how comics work, leave it in the comments and we’ll try to tackle it. Don’t understand what variant covers are all about? We got you covered (ha!). Want to know what the deal with pull lists and pre-orders is? Let us know! You can leave your comments on this post, email us at community (at) panels (dot) net, or hit us up on social media. No question is silly or stupid. We’re here to help you love comics as much as we love comics. So ask away!


pictured: Panelteers Ali Colluccio and Paul Montgomery


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