#Literary Activism

Friday Fund Days: Drop Some Dollars and Help Some Classrooms!

Two classroom projects centered on LONG WAY DOWN by Jason Reynolds can use help buying copies of the book.

Friday Fund Day: Drop Some Dollars and Help Some Classrooms

Drop some dollars and help bring more books and literature-based projects to needy classrooms.

Friday Fund Days: Drop Some Dollars & Help Some Classrooms

Let's help bring more books to needy classrooms.

Fund Day Friday: Drop Some Dollars and Help A Classroom Get Books!

Friday Fund Days: Drop Some Dollars & Help Some Classrooms!

Friday Fund Days: Drop Some Dollars & Help Some Classrooms!

Florida Prisons Censoring, Banning Books Without Clear Reasoning

6 Bookish Charities You Can Support Through Amazon Prime Smile

Planning to make some big purchases on Amazon Prime Day? Here are six bookish charities you can support through Amazon Prime Smile.

#AuthorsForFamilies Auction to Raise Money for RAICES is Now Live

The #AuthorsForFamilies charity auction to benefit RAICES has over 150 items up for bid including query critiques, signed books, and more.

We Will Match Your Contribution to #BookstoresAgainstBorders

Indie bookstores are donating portions of this weekend's profits to RAICES to provide legal representation to people at the southern border of the US.

Let’s Fund The Heck Out Of Phoenix’s First And Only Bilingual Bookstore

Palabras is the first and only bilingual Spanish/English bookstore in Phoenix, and they're asking for help to fund their growth efforts. Let's fund 'em!

A New Literary Prize, Where People Who are Imprisoned Are Judges

This literary prize is different. Here, the judges are chosen from among people detained in Europe’s largest prison, Fleury-Mérogis.

Publishers Take Note: Own Voices Reviews Are Important

Publishers are ignoring own voices reviews to the detriment of own voices books and these Bookstagrammers and BookTubers are over it.

Quiz: Which Bookish Charity Should You Donate To?

Want to put a few dollars to good use and stuck on which bookish charity to donate to? Let us point you in the right direction with this quiz!

Help Send 1000 Books By Authors of Color To Milwaukee Public Schools

Help a Milwaukee journalist collect 1,000 books by authors of color to donate to the Milwaukee Public Schools.