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Bookish Gifts for Lovers of Fantasy Maps

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Katie Moench


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What’s better than diving into a new fantasy novel with a brilliantly crafted world? Opening that novel to find that the written world-building is accompanied by a map, of course. Fantasy readers can (and have) spent hours tracing the detailed maps authors include of a book’s setting, for children mapping out the wilds of Narnia to adults voyaging through the realms of Middle Earth. For many readers, these maps are an enjoyable and crucial part of the reading experience and just as much a part of the fantasy genre as magic or quests. Ranging from maps that draw on realistic reimaginings of earthly locations to completely out-of-this-world settings, these illustrations help readers place themselves within the world of a fantasy story.

Maps in books also cement the beauty of books as physical objects. In a time of digital media, the ability to begin a (reading) journey by looking over a paper map is yet another way for readers to become fully immersed in a story. Below, you’ll find gifts that build on this love of maps and give the readers in your life (or yourself) the chance to treasure fantasy maps beyond the page.

Map of Lunathion from Crescent city in sepia tones
Image from Wanderer Studio Art at Etsy.

To start, get your favorite Crescent City series fan a copy of this beautiful Lunathion map that shows locations from the story. $28

Laser engraved map of Fourth Wing locations
Image from Wanderer Studio Art at Etsy.

If your giftee is more of a Fourth Wing fan, consider this detailed, laser-engraved book map. $43

Bookish map of United States
Image from the Vintage Map Shoppe at Etsy.

For a fun twist of map decor, get your literary friend this bookish map of the United States. $50

Fantasy style map of Arizona in a wood frame
Image from Storymakers Trading Co. at Etsy.

If you want to go more localized, try these fantasy-style state maps. $18

Fantasy illustration washi tape
Image from Storymakers Trading Co. at Etsy.

Get your favorite fantasy map, book-loving friend some adventure map illustrated washi tape for their crafts or book journal. $5

Enamel pin that says "world builder" with castle and landscape
Image from Storymakers Trading Co. at Etsy.

Declare your love of world-building and bookish maps with this enamel pin. $10

Blue dice tray with white map print
Image from The 308 Collective at Etsy.

Gift your favorite dungeon master this fantasy map dice tray before your group sets off on your next quest. $24

Four bookmarks with maps printed on them
Image from Sonnet and Fable at Etsy.

Never lose your place with these fantasy map bookmarks. $3

Watercolor maps
Image from For the Love Co. Studio at Etsy.

These watercolor maps let you celebrate your own story, whether it’s a wedding, a graduation, or simply a favorite location. $135

Cutting board engraved with map of Middle Earth
Image from LUMEN8 Goods at Etsy.

Prepare second breakfast with this Middle Earth map cutting board. $30

Clear rocks glass engraved with map of the shire
Image from LUMEN8 Goods at Etsy.

Enjoy the drink of your choice from this rocks glass engraved with a map of The Shire. $22

digital map making bundle
Image from Brush Boy at Etsy.

Gift your favorite fantasy map fan the ability to create worlds of their own with this digital map-making bundle. $12

If you’re a lover of fantasy maps and world-building, be sure to explore our speculative fiction archives! And if you want more bookish goods, we have plenty of ideas right here.