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7 Of The Best YA Book Subscription Boxes

Nikki DeMarco


The inimitable Nikki DeMarco is as well-traveled as she is well-read. Being an enneagram 3, Aries, high school librarian, makes her love for efficiency is unmatched. She lives in Richmond, Virginia, and is passionate about helping teens connect to books. Nikki has an MFA in creative writing, is a TBR bibliologist, and writes for Harlequin, Audible, Kobo, and MacMillan. Since that leaves her so much time, she’s currently working on writing a romance novel, too. Find her on all socials @iamnikkidemarco (Instagram, Twitter, Threads)

Subscription boxes are popular for keeping people up to date on their favorite niche items and are available for everything from eco-friendly items to tea boxes or even mystery boxes. A book subscription box is a monthly or quarterly box that contains a few books, plus other bookish goodies that usually pertain to that box’s theme. These YA book subscription boxes are handpicked from a careful staff of librarians, authors, book sellers, or devout YA readers. Here are 7 of the best YA book subscription boxes available for lovers of YA, adults and kids alike.

7 of the Best YA Book Subscription Boxes


1. Once Upon A Book Club 

Once Upon A Book Club has a new release YA novel and individually wrapped gifts with page numbers on them. The gifts are not to be unwrapped until the reader reaches that page in the novel for a surprise that coincides with the book.

It also comes with a 5×7 printed quote, and discussion questions with read-a-long dates for readers to participate with on Instagram and Facebook. The month-to-month rate on this box is $34.99 with slight discounts for prepaying either 3 months, 6 months, or a year.

2. OwlCrate 

OwlCrate is a monthly subscription box that includes a new release YA novel, 3-5 bookish items that go along with that month’s theme and exclusive goodies from the author of that month’s pick.

This company also has an OwlCrate Jr. option for younger kids (8-12 years), so kids of all ages can get excited about reading with new books and themed extras. This box can sell out! OwlCrate offers month-to-month plans for $29.99, a 3 month plan for $28.99, and a 6 month plan for $27.99. You must pay for all the months upfront in order to get the discounted rate.

3. FairyLoot

FairyLoot is a fantasy focused YA subscription box. In each box you’ll get a hardcover new release YA fantasy novel, plus usually a signed bookplate from the author.

Sometimes they have special signed additions of the books! Plus they have everything from mugs to bath salts to coasters and pins. This is a UK based company that offers world wide shipping. The box is 26.00 pounds a month, plus shipping to your country.

4. The Book Hookup 

The Book Hookup is curated by The Strand in New York City. They have 9 themed book subscription boxes available, including YA. The key here is you’ll get a signed first edition copy of a new release, in addition to another paperback, plus book-themed goodies from people and places The Strand loves.

You have three options for buying: a single purchase or a monthly subscription are both $37.50 and a yearly subscription is $150.

5. ShelfLove Crate

ShelfLove Crate is a sci-fi fantasy YA book box. This one includes either a sci-fi or fantasy new release and 4 plus items to go along with your new book. It could be a full sized Funko or some sci-fi themed teas.

They offer monthly subscriptions, but sell out fast. So be sure to check in at the beginning of the month if you’re a new subscriber. A monthly subscription is $29.99. They offer slightly discounted rates for prepaying for 3 months or 6 months.

6. Chocolate and Book

Chocolate and Book is, you guessed it, handmade chocolate along with a carefully selected book. Not only do you get a new release and a sweet treat, they also send a hot drink along too. It could be tea, hot chocolate or coffee. This is perfect for a cozy night in. Plus, they are mindful of allergies and have all subscribers fill out a survey before ordering.

The box is 14.99 pounds a month, plus 10.40 pounds shipping for delivery to the United States. 3 month and 6 month subscriptions are also available.

7. Bookship

Bookship is a YA book box designed for adult readers of YA. This box is focused specifically on adult readers who struggle to find time to read.

It include a hard cover YA book, plus bookish noshes that help the subscriber relax and revive. Plus, it comes with a card that has a link to a Spotify playlist that sets the mood of the book chosen for that month. A subscription costs $39.99 a month. A recurring 3 month subscription is $109.98 (or $36.66 per box) and recurring 6 month subscriptions are $199.98 (or $33.33 a box).

What are your favorite YA book subscription boxes?