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Art Roundup: Character Spotlight on Groot

You knew this was coming sooner or later.

I’m going to start things off with an adorable crocheted Groot amigurumi by Deviant Artist Spudsstiches. Check out her gallery if you want to check out more amazing snuggly creations!

You know that Groot and Olaf would totally be pals. I love this little crossover artwork called WARM HUGS by Jacob Scheyder.

Taking a quick break from cutesy Groot for a fierce one kicking some butt with Rocket by Deviant Artist mlle-hughes. This piece was a prompt/challenge by her boyfriend, and boy she owned it with markers and color pencils.

Alright, back to cute Groot, here’s a little polymer clay sculpture that Heather G made for a pal’s birthday. Good friend!

Another very cool fierce Groot work titled I AM GROOT by Justin Currie. The cute baby Groot was added to the piece later on, and I agree that it really adds a lot to the final image. Also, I highly recommend you check out another piece by the artist created in a similar style featuring Spider-Man.

For my obligatory cosplay entry to this column, I could have picked a bad-ass costume of a person on stilts or something, but instead I choose the cutest littlest Groot cosplayer in this handmade baby costume. Because reasons.

I’ll round things out with Grace Ding’s fun and awesomely-colored Guardians of the Galaxy ensemble piece. Click through for some more close-up shots of the various characters.

As usual, leave links to other great Groot-related fan creations in the comments, and make suggestions for future entries!

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