Inbox/Outbox: December 15, 2017

Rioters, we all know why December is the most magical time of the year: it’s when finals are over and us poor college students get a month off before tackling yet another grueling semester. I’ve celebrated my temporary freedom by letting my geek flag fly and trying to unwind and catch up with some of my favorite nerdiest reads.


Xanathar’s Guide to Everything by the Wizards RPG Team

This newest addition to the Dungeons and Dragons canon introduces the reader/player to new rules, story options, spells, feats, subclasses, and more. I actually received this through a book exchange among Book Riot contributors, and I literally screamed when I opened the package (Thanks, Erin!). I haven’t gotten to read all of it yet, but I am beyond excited at all the new traps, environments, subclasses, and spells I can throw at my players.


I feel like I fudged this section a little because when I’m trying to wind down after a trying semester, I turn to fan fiction and manga. There’s something so soothing about the two of them, and getting to read other people’s interpretations of some of my favorite worlds is a treat.

My Hero Academia, Vol. 1+ by Kohei Horikoshi (author), Caleb D. Cook (translator)

This delightful shounen manga follows Izuku Midoriya, one of only 20% of people born without a Quirk (aka, a superpower). However, through grit, determination, and the aid of the greatest hero of all, All Might, he gains acceptance into the U.A. High School for future heroes. After I found myself reading fanfics about Eijirou Kirishima and Katsuki Bakugou, two of the main characters from the series, I decided to refresh myself on the series. I’m on approximately chapter 153 now.

Quote Love Unquote by newamsterdam

This fanfic imagines the My Hero Academia cast in an alternate universe where Bakugou is a celebrated actor and Kirishima is the guitarist in an up and coming band. The two are forced to date when a paparazzi photo accidentally outs Bakugou, but the relationship because more real as time goes on. I absolutely love this fic and have read it twice this week. It’s so good.

Tonight, We’re the Sea by idratherhaveyou

Another alternate universe fanfic. In this one, Kirishima moves to a seaside town to help take care of his grandmother after a fall. He serendipitously meets Bakugou, an artist in residence, and the two strike up an unlikely friendship that leads to a fraught love affair. It is mushy and makes me twitterpated.

Katsuki VS Friendship by downtownfishies

This fanfic takes place in the My Hero Academia universe, covering events from approximately chapter 90 through the present. It chronicles Bakugou’s (Katsuki) slow acknowledgement of his friendship with Kirishima and how they could have more. Knowing the manga is a plus but not strictly necessary. It finished this week, and I may have stayed up to 1:00am to finish it. I just love decent asexual representation.


Saga, Vol. 1–7 by Brian K. Vaughan (author), Fiona Staples (artist)

This fantastic graphic novel series follows star-crossed (almost literally) lovers Alana and Marko as they flee the authorities who would apprehend them and steal or kill their newborn daughter Hazel. Even though I’ve had the newest volume for months, I haven’t read it. This seems like the perfect time to re-read and catch up in anticipation of the newest volume coming out in January!

Ms. Marvel, Vol. 1–8 by G. Willow Wilson (author), Adrian Alphona (illustrator)

This rebranding of Ms. Marvel follows Kamala Khan, an ordinary girl from Jersey City who suddenly finds herself with superpowers and the moral imperative to fight crime and right wrongs, even if it means worrying her family and confronting her own weaknesses. I am actually three volumes behind on this, and I’m so mad at myself. Ms. Marvel is an absolute gem, and Kamala is a wonderful protagonist. I can’t wait to catch up!

So what about you, Rioters? What’s your reading week been like?

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