10 of The Most Beautiful Modern Libraries In The World: Critical Linking, October 8, 2017


With the rise of smartphones and Wikipedia, concerns have grown that buildings full of books will become obsolete. But many of the best and biggest libraries have been built since the millennium.

Again, could do without the “technology is killing libraries” garbage, but these libraries are gorgeous. Very European centric, but lots I haven’t seen in round-ups before. 



Because Hayden lives in Baltimore, Maryland and commutes to D.C. for work, she sometimes uses her transit time for one of her favorite activities—reading. (Depending on her schedule and what’s happening at work, Hayden either drives or takes the train.) “Right now on the train, which I’ve been experimenting with even more, it [takes] an hour. And that’s a good time to read and reflect, and on the way home, relax,” she says.

Although Hayden says that she doesn’t have as much time as she’d like to devote to reading for pleasure, she admits that the line between reading for pleasure and reading for work can overlap. “Some of the reading that I’m doing for work—like more about the founding fathers and mothers—that is actually interesting [to me] because I’m a history and political science major from undergraduate,” she says. A few of Hayden’s favorite books include Bright April, a children’s book by Marguerite de Angeli, and The Historian As Detective by Robin W. Winks.

I love Carla Hayden and I love these fun facts about her and her job as Librarian of Congress.



If you’re not following Brazilian graphic designer and illustrator Butcher Billy on Instagram, then switch that up, sharpish. You might have seen his wonderful Black Mirror episodes as comic book covers earlier this year, or his music icons as superheroes before that, but his latest project sees him re-imagine famous love songs as Stephen King book covers. And it’s so good. The kind of thing that just makes you not want to draw anything ever again.

These. Are. Hilarious. 


While the history of censorship has become more visible in the last few years through campaigns like Banned Books Week, perhaps less noted or known within that history is how poets and poetry have been similarly challenged, censored, and banned.

In honor of Banned Books Week this year, Poets.org took a look at several significant poetry collections, poems, and poets that have been challenged, censored, banned, and even burned throughout history and continue to be challenged as controversial works even today. Check out 10 of those banned poetry books below.

I’ve seen the lists of books over and over and over again but I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a round-up of banned poetry

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