TSA Abandons Pilot Program Requiring Removal of Books from Carry-Ons: Critical Linking, July 6, 2017

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“In the past, TSA tested recommending that books be separated for screening to provide a clearer view on X-ray at two airports; however, we are no longer testing these procedures and passengers are not required to remove books for security screening,” she said. “At times, paper products do set-off alarms and procedures call for additional screening while maintaining passenger privacy.”

TSA is abandoning a controversial pilot program that would require passengers to remove books and documents from carry-on luggage for addition security screening after attention from the ACLU.

Hilary Mantel’s hotly anticipated final instalment to her Man Booker-winning Wolf Hall trilogy is unlikely to appear next summer, the author said this week. Responding to a question from the audience in her latest Reith lecture for the BBC, she said it was “increasingly unlikely” the book would be published in 2018 as she had previously hoped.

Hmph, I say!

Men have always feared powerful women, Kristin J Sollee argues in her new book, Witches, Sluts, Feminists: Conjuring the Sex Positive, and the witch is the ultimate personification of that terror. “Witches, sluts, and feminists are the trifecta of terror for the patriarchy,” Sollee explains. “To me, the primal impulse behind each of these contested identities is self-sovereignty … witches, sluts, and feminists embody the potential for self-directed feminine power, and sexual and intellectual freedom.”

A new book that explores how witches are the ultimate feminists? Here for it.

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