Mapping the Structure of CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE Books: Today in Critical Linking

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Here are some bookish links for you on this fine Saturday:


  1. Uncover the hidden structure of Choose Your Own Adventure Books.Maps like the ones Chooseco created can reveal the structure of a book that gives readers choices, but though the multiple story lines are part of what makes the series so fun, they’re not the only thing that defines it. The meat of “Choose Your Own Adventure” stories are gender-neutral romps in worlds where there are no obviously right or wrong moral choices.
  2. Ponder the implications of Amazon buying Whole Foods jolted the grocery industry Friday when it announced plans to buy Whole Foods Market, introducing new uncertainty to a sector already struggling to keep up with growing competition.

  3. Check out a company that is trying to make ebooks prettierE-books are a lot of things. Convenient. Good for the environment. Usually cheaper than printed books. One thing they’re rarely accused of is being good-looking. Ugly books is what 180g is declaring war on with a completely revamped, 2.0 version of Vellum. Oh, and in the process, they’re adding support for making wood-pulp books, too. Fancy.
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