How To Read a Whole Book Every Week: Critical Linking, April 19, 2017

Today’s Critical Linking is sponsored by Bang by Barry Lyga.

Most people keep their reading on their nightstand. If you read at night, you probably only get through a few pages before you get sleepy. Instead, I recommend reading in the morning. Even if you’re not an early riser, use the time you spend checking Instagram in bed to read a couple chapters. (I promise not much has happened since you opened the app at midnight.) Make coffee and ease your way into the day.

A few useful tips for those trying to fit in a whole book every week.

Here’s a reading challenge: Pick up a book you’re pretty sure you won’t like — the style is wrong, the taste not your own, the author bio unappealing. You might even take it one step further. Pick up a book you think you will hate, of a genre you’ve dismissed since high school, written by an author you’re inclined to avoid. Now read it to the last bitter page.

Sound like hell? You’re off to a good start.

A defense of reading books you know you’ll hate.

Human beings are storytellers. We document who we are, where we have been, and where we are going in words and pictures. Civilizations survive through the stories they leave behind. If someone threatens our books, we will fight to defend them.

A plea for keeping the NEA and public libraries fully funded.

Up to 80% off books you actually want to read.