10 Must-Read Books for April: Critical Linking, March 30, 2017

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This month is marked by writers sending dispatches from the margins and the mainstream. Whether tracing characters in a futuristic dystopia or following them into the unexplored past, whether it’s a Mediterranean murder mystery or a frank look at today’s Ivy League graduates or low-wage workers, a slice of the breadth of our world can be found in these ten selections.

Happy reading!

Flavorwire’s must-reads for April! An eclectic mix.

Listed below are the 35 titles on this year’s Best Translated Book Award longlists for fiction and poetry — the 10th time that these lists have been released. And the sixth year in which, thanks to an Amazon Literary Partnership, the winning authors and translators will each receive $5,000 cash prizes.

I was a judge for this prize last year, so I’m doubly interested in the longlist this year!

Publishers believe that Russian hackers are behind an attack on the Amazon page for a self-styled manual for resisting US president Donald Trump and other populist leaders, with the author, historian Timothy Snyder, claiming the hack as just the latest in a series of efforts by Russians to undermine his work.


For whatever reason, a lot of male authors over the years have been unwilling or unable to type up their own goddamn work. The acknowledgments of their books show how much extra work their wives did in turn.

“I have to thank my wife for typing the whole of this difficult manuscript in spite of the heavy burden laid on housewives by a six years’ war and its oppressive aftermath,” one example reads.


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