The List List #109

at Biographile, Beyond the Caged Bird: Further Reading for Maya Angelou Fans

at Shortlist, 30 Literary Quotes That Mention the Book’s Title

at NY Post, The 29 Best Books of the Summer

at Mike Speegle, 20 Classic Novels in 140 Characters or Fewer

at Boing Boing, 8 Evidence-Based Pregnancy Books for Science Savvy Ladies

at Bookish, The Best Book Club Books for June

at Flavorwire, 9 Great Books About Authors

at TIME, The Best Books of 2014 So Far

at Word & Film, 8 Killer Civil War Adaptations

at Guardian Books, 12 Literary Insults to Make You Weep

at USA Today, 10 Favorite Books about D-Day

at The New Yorker, Bookstores of New York 



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