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A Samurai Comes of Age in This Graphic Novel

What's the most unique setting for a coming-of-age graphic novel that you've read?

What Is A Why Choose Romance?

Get to know this newer romance trope, including book recommendations for getting started.

If You Like That Popular Queer Book, Try These Under-the-Radar Ones

I promise you, there are so many more great queer books out there than the same handful that are recommend over and over again.

BANNED TOGETHER: Empowering Teens and Fighting for the Right to Read

The forthcoming YA anthology BANNED TOGETHER mixes poetry, prose, comics, memoir, and more to highlight contemporary book banning.

The Sweetest Science: 10 Gems of STEM-themed Romance

These STEM romances combine Science, Technology, Engineering, Medicine, and swoon-worthy love stories. What could be better?

10 Book Club Picks For June 2024, From Mocha Girls Read to GMA Book Club

Here are ten of the big book club picks of the month, from Mocha Girls Read to GMA Book Club. You can join in online!

A Sharp, Provocative Social Novel

The author of SUCH A FUN AGE brings us another razor sharp novel full of character studies and social observation.

Gay and Lesbian Pulp Fiction Goodies for Kitschy Queers

If you, like me, are a kitschy queer, I recommend adding to your kitschy queer decor by getting really into gay and lesbian pulp fiction.

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