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“In This Economy?!” Read an Excerpt of HELP WANTED, a Darkly Funny Workplace Satire

Read an excerpt from Adelle Waldman's HELP WANTED, a darkly comic workplace satire about employees in a big-box store who are scrambling to get by.

A Dark, Twisted, Substantially Satisfying Fairytale

If you're looking for an immersive experience, enter this dark, twisted world of magical creatures and more.

Just 10 Minutes: How I Actually Started Reviewing All the Books I Read

The 10 minute habit and reframing what it means to write about books changed how one reader engaged with book reviewing.

Djinn Like a Lion: 10 Splendiferous New SFF Books Out March 2024

A race for first alien contact, Afrofuturism, queer romantasy, and more of the best SFF out this month!

Fat Phobia’s Origins (Hint: It’s Racism)

"This book...is still deeply relevant to understanding the inherent racism in Western standards of beauty, especially around body size and shape."

Kind of a Big Reel: 8 Blockbuster Science Fiction and Fantasy Books Becoming Films

Which of these adaptations are you most excited about?

Mini Books Bringing Max Joy: the Best Mini Books and Mini Book Kits

Which books would you want in a mini sized?

Ranking the Last 20 Adapted Screenplay Oscar Winners: Part 1

Do you agree with this ranking?

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