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The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of 2022 and 2023, Crunched

Here are the sci-fi and fantasy titles getting the most recognition in best of the year lists and award shortlists!

12 Must-Read New Books by Native Writers of Turtle Island

From novels and poetry collections to essays and nonfiction, you need to check out these new books by Native writers of Turtle Island!

8 Video Essays About Books That Will Change Your Perspective

Video essays are some of the best content on YouTube. Check out these entertaining and thought-provoking video essays about books and reading!

9 Fantastic Books Set in the 1980s

I appreciate books set in the 1980s that focus on lesser known (and/or written about) places and events. Find the best here!

Give Peace(ful Superheroes) a Chance: Pacifism in Superhero Comics

Superhero comics are typically slugfests, but we do have some examples of superhero pacifists. As for how well these stories are told, well...

New December Romances for Gift Season

December may be a light month for new romance releases, but the ones that are coming out are going to be bangers!

A Beginner’s Guide to Tolkien Studies and Commentary

These podcasts, fan organizations, books, journals, and more are all good starting points for fans looking to explore Tolkien academia.

Swords & Smooches: 8 High Fantasy Romance Novels

Whichever of the best high fantasy romance books you dive into, you'll have a swoony great time. Get started now!

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