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Playwright, Poet, Scholar, Spy: The Life of Kit Marlowe

If you know of any authors living a double life, your secret is safe with me.

October 2023 Horoscopes and Book Recommendations

What new release should you read this month? Find out in our October 2023 horoscopes, with new books from Jesmyn Ward and Tananarive Due.

In Defense of the Miscommunication Trope in Romance

When the miscommunication romance trope is done really well, readers might not even clock it. Let’s have a deeper look.

You Can’t Spell Fungi Without Fun: Books to Read About Marvelous Mycelia and More

Foray into fungi with these books about all things mushrooms for children, teens, and adults.

6 Adaptations of Books That Their Authors Didn’t Like

Getting a book turned into a film or television show can be exciting and scary. Here are 6 adaptations the authors did not like.

Romance Novels that Deal with Grief

Romance can be light, just as much as it can take on heavier topics like grief and still have a happily ever after.

Your Ultimate Guide to Fall 2023 YA Book Releases

From new series to high fantasy, rom coms to chilling horror, your guide to fall 2023 ya book releases has everything.

What Haunts Us: The Haunted House as a Metaphor

Horror reflects our societal fears, and haunted house stories are no different. Here's why these domestic ghost stories continue to scare us.

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