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The Subversive Verse of Shel Silverstein

Silverstein's clever use of literary devices shows how poetry offers a great tool to break open language.

Book Club Books to Read This Summer and Fall

Looking for the best book club books for summer and fall 2022? This guide has something for every kind of book club.

Alternatives to the Dewey Decimal System

Many libraries are looking for cataloguing techniques as an alternative to the Dewey Decimal system. Here are a few options.

Current Bookish Trends, as Observed by a Very Online Bookseller

As in all areas of culture, book trends come and go. Whether it's genre or cover trends, here are a few current ones.

How I Lost and Found Jane Austen

Jane's books illustrate not just love overcoming societal odds, but growth and understanding between people, and that is why they endure.

15 Cozy Mysteries Coming Out in the Second Half of 2022

Whether you’re in the mood for a mystery at a Hollywood antiques shop or a 20th century hotel, these cozy mysteries will bring out your armchair sleuth, including The Socialite’s Guide to Murder (Pinnacle Hotel #1) by S.K. Golden.

Why Do Books Make Us Feel Emotions?

How are words printed on paper or displayed on screens making the metaphorical tides in my heart rise and fall? Let's explore.

8 Chosen Ones Who Refuse the Call

There are heroic chosen ones, and then there are chosen ones that refuse the call. These are their stories.

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