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The History of [Thing] in [Number] Things: 2023 Microhistories

Or: a round-up of 2023's entries in my favorite micro-genre

Best Bookish Calendars for 2024

Find your best bookish calendar for 2024 focused on reading, books, and more, and get inspired by lush imagery and glittering quotes.

How To Build Seasonal Rereading Rituals

These rituals have grown from listening deeply to seasonal shifts — in my body and in the world — and matching those shifts with books.

11 New December Book Club Picks, From #ReadWithMC to Subtle Asian Book Club

Here are the books being read by all of the book clubs this month, as well as how to take part in the discussion.

The 12 Best Comic Book Holiday Specials

We love a good comic book holiday special, and these are 12 of the best to enjoy this season—and beyond.

Let’s Stay Together: 8 Romance Books With No Third-Act Breakup

Love a good romance but don't love when there's a third act breakup? These books don't do that.

Quiz: Can You Match The Classic Novel To Its Opening Line?

Are you a big reader of classics? Or just know of them through pop culture? Try your luck for guessing opening lines through this quiz!

12 of the Most Prolific Children’s Book Authors of All Time

These prolific children's book authors have written hundreds of books over decades working in the publishing industry!

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