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15 Must-Read YA Novels About Black Boys

More than ever, we need to center Black boys in conversation and remind the living, breathing Black boys in our world that they matter.

Fall 2022 YA Paperbacks Being Released: October-December

Get ready to fill your reading life with all of the fall 2022 YA paperbacks hitting shelves between October and December.

10 of the Best Goodreads Reviewers to Follow

Looking for new books? Find the best Goodreads reviewers to turn to for insightful new book reviews, reaction GIFs, and more.

Feeling Terribly Sad and Deeply in Love: 12 Sad Romance Books

Are you in the mood for some sad romance books? Do you want to cry comfortably while reading? Well, do I have the sad, sad list for you, including Trade Me by Courtney Milan.

Lovecraft Minus Lovecraft: The Best Cosmic Horror Books that Reject Lovecraft’s Racism

Love cosmic horror, but hate H. P. Lovecraft's racism? Don't despair - there are plenty of otherworldly horror stories out there to enjoy.

Ghostly Middle Grade Books Perfect for Fall

Haunted delights abound in these ghostly middle grade books about friendly spirits, haunted hotels, and kids who can see ghosts.

Inside the Narrators Booth: Things You Never Knew About Audiobook Narrators

Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes while recording audiobooks? Six prolific audiobook narrators gave us the inside scoop.

Quiz: How Well Do You Remember Oprah’s Book Club Picks?

Oprah has been selecting books for her book club since 1996. How well do you know which ones have made this prestigious list?

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