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Fat Phobia’s Origins (Hint: It’s Racism)

"This book...is still deeply relevant to understanding the inherent racism in Western standards of beauty, especially around body size and shape."

Kind of a Big Reel: 8 Blockbuster Science Fiction and Fantasy Books Becoming Films

Which of these adaptations are you most excited about?

Mini Books Bringing Max Joy: the Best Mini Books and Mini Book Kits

Which books would you want in a mini sized?

Ranking the Last 20 Adapted Screenplay Oscar Winners: Part 1

Do you agree with this ranking?

What is Horromance?

With the rise of genre portmanteaus like romantasy, it's time to explore the world of horromance. Yes, that's horror and romance. Yes, it works.

Two Rival Journalists and a Magical Wardrobe

Whether you've put this one off because of the hype or just live under a virtual rock like me, give this book a shot!

12 of the Best Accessories to Personalize Your Kindle

Our Kindles do so much for us, they deserve a lil treat.

Looking to Get Into Cooking? This Is The Book For You

Start your cooking journey with these excellent step-by-step cookbook that offers not only the how behind a recipe but also the why.

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