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News on new nonfiction books and recommendations for the best nonfiction books, including historical books, biographies, nonfiction books for kids, and more, from Book Riot.

Balancing the Books: 11 Excellent Work–Life Balance Books

Tackle your new year's resolution with these work-life balance books to help you set boundaries and live your life.

Antiwork Books: 6 Works That’ll Answer Your Every Antiwork Question

Antiwork books of varying difficulty levels to help you understand the reasons behind the antiwork movement and the potential solution, including Do What You Love and Other Lies About Success and Happiness by Miya Tokumitsu.

15 Wise and Witty Self-Help Books for Teens

These self-help books for teens is full of useful resources and advice for young adults as they negotiate life and relationships.

The Messay: An Introduction

A messay is a combination of memoir and essay. But something beautiful happens when you smash these words together.

DIY January: Books to Help You DIY Anything

It's DIY January! Try out some new skills this month and see what else you can learn to do yourself with these helpful and inspiring reads, including Hill House Living by Paula Sutton.

9 Great Books About Building Habits

If you're looking to make a change, these books about habits will help you build great habits and get rid of the ones that don't serve you.

Essential YA Nonfiction: A Guide to Reading Widely

Get to know the five types of nonfiction, alongside excellent examples of each in this guide to essential YA nonfiction.

Bananas Celebrity Diet and Wellness Books for Fans of Maintenance Phase

Martinis are popular in some of these celebrity diet and wellness books for fans of Maintenance Phase.

Cookbook Showdown: Best Ginger Cookie Recipes

One baker tests the best ginger cookie recipes from four cookbooks, documenting the results. Find out which cookie came out on top!

It’s Snow Good To Ski You: 11 of the Best Books About Skiing and Snowboarding

It's the best time of year to hit the slopes! Check out these 11 great books about skiing and snowboarding to maximize your fun.