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How to Start a Banned Book Club

Teens across the country are fighting back against censorship and book bans. This guide to how to start a banned book club can help.

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Bookish Ways To Get Outside More

As the weather starts to turn, we don't have to sacrifice our reading to get sunshine. Here are some tips for reading and catching sun rays.

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Podcasts can be a great entry point into a topic, leading to research deep dives or even themed readalongs.

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Whether you're settling in for a few hours or a full day reading session, here's how to assemble the perfect grazing board for easy snacking.

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A handy guide to how to find themes in books, whether you're doing it for school or for your own reading enhancement.

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Looking to learn a new language? Here are some tips for how to improve your language skills by reading novels!

How to Read Manga

Though manga are just comics from Japan (mostly at least), there are differences for newbies to keep in mind when learning how to read manga.

8 Books for When You’re Learning How to Adult

You can search YouTube or WikiHow, but there are skills that you don't even know you don't know! Enter these books to help you adult.

Books For Dummies: A Key to Information

You may know them as the brunt of sitcom jokes, but the For Dummies books opened a door to a world of information.