#20 must reads

20 of the Best Audiobooks of All Time

Get listening! The best audiobooks of all time, by single authors or full casts, are ready to get in your ears.

Cosmic Greatness: 21 of the Best Award-Winning Sci-Fi Books

Hugo, Nebula, and so much more. Each one of these books is one of the best award-winning sci-fi books and well worth your reading time, like Ancient, Ancient: Short Fiction by Kiini Ibura Salaam.

20 Must-Read Supernatural Manga

Do you love ghosts, demons, psychics, and all things paranormal? Then check out the titles on this list of supernatural manga!

20 Must-Read Books Set Off the Beaten Path

This list of 20 must-read books set off the beaten path suggests tons of books set in remote locations, including Greenland, an uninhabited island and more.