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A Department Store for Dreams and More New SFF Releases

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Alex Acks

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Today, I’ve got sci-fi and fantasy new releases for you…and more new releases. As I said on Tuesday, there was a bananas amount of new releases this week — I guess to make up for the holiday last week? I don’t know, and it doesn’t matter; just know that I had a heck of a time picking these books out of a really great-looking pile.

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Bookish Goods

An embroidery piece framed in a wooden hoop with a peter pan quote

Peter Pan Embroidery by KeepSewingMemories

“Second star to the right and straight on til morning” might very well be the most famous quote from Peter Pan — I couldn’t tell you how many non-Pan movies it’s been in. This has got to be one of the most gorgeous bits of art for this quote I’ve ever seen, though. The layering on the embroidery gives it such delightful texture. $43

New Releases

the dallergut dream department store book cover

The Dallergut Dream Department Store by Miye Lee translated by Sandy Joosun Lee

The Dallergut department store is a place that caters to humans and animals alike from its location deep in the collective subconscious of all living things. Any kind of dream can be found there for purchase at any time of the day or night, though flying dreams are frequently sold out. Penny is the store’s newest hire, a deeply enthusiastic new clerk who can’t way to explore the store and meet all of the customers.

Cover of The Price of Redemption by Shawn Carpenter

The Price of Redemption by Shawn Carpenter

The Theocratic Revolution forces Marquese Enid d’Trancreville to flee her homeland; not even her powerful talent for magic can save her. But when her ship is overtaken by a Theocratic warship, her rescue comes from an unexpected quarter: a frigate from Albion, who is more than happy to take Enid on board as a replacement for their recently deceased sea mage.

cover of This Great Hemisphere by Mateo Askaripour ; illustration of bright outline of a person standing on a mountain against a colorful sky

This Great Hemisphere by Mateo Askaripour

Some people are simply born invisible, a characteristic that relegates them to second-class citizens. Sweetmint is one such woman, though she’s a rare example of one who has worked hard to do everything right her entire life, rising above the trauma and struggle of her older brother having disappeared — and had it actually work out for her. But then the police inform her that her brother is not only alive and well, he’s the main suspect in the murder of her hemisphere’s most important politician. Sweetmint knows the latter cannot possibly be true, and it is with courage, intelligence, and determination that she sets out to save her brother and clear his name.

Cover for These Deathless Shores by PH Low

These Deathless Shores by P. H. Low

Once upon a time, Jordan was a Lost Boy, addicted to magic Dust and sure in the knowledge she would never grow up. Now 22 and trapped in the real world, she wants nothing more than to return to the island she once called home, to its stories of pirates and wars. She wants nothing more than to face Peter one more time and take back her pride and her life. Who in this scenario is the real villain is the true question.

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