6 Interactive Board Books to Lift, Press, Poke, Stroke, and Shake

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Jen Sherman

Staff Writer

Jen is an urban and cultural geographer who did a PhD on public libraries and reading. As a researcher, her interests are focused on libraries, reading, book retailing and the book industry more broadly. As a reader, she reads a lot of crime fiction, non-fiction, and chicklit. And board books. All the board books. You can also find her writing about books for children and babies at Instagram: shittyhousewife / babylibrarians Twitter: @jennnigan

Interactive board books are great fun. Well, books themselves are already interactive — you have to turn the pages, after all — but there are board books that have an additional element of interactiveness. Most common are the lift-the-flap ones, but there are also books that make sounds, or that have different textures for touching and feeling, or have instructions for actions to do as you read the book. As my baby is becoming a toddler and understanding more and more, interactive board books are a fun ‘level up’ in our reading adventures. Here are a few interactive board books that we have enjoyed or are looking forward to.

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Hello Honeybees by Hannah Rogge and Emily Dove book coverHello Honeybees by Hannah Rogge, illustrated by Emily Dove

This book, when you open it, stands up like a beehive, which is pretty cool. There are two bees on ribbons that you can use to fly around a garden and fly back to the hive. This is a great educational book that explains what honeybees do. I especially liked this book because the plight of bees is concerning (basically, if honeybees go extinct, we’re screwed) and it’s never too early to start teaching little ones about environmental issues. (publication date 19 March 2019)

Seasons by Philip Giordano

Continuing the environmental theme, this is a seek-and-find book all about seasons with wheels to spin. There are colourful illustrations and this is a great book for learning about nature, animals, and seasons. (publication date 5 February 2019)

Wiggle by Taro GomiWiggle! by Taro Gomi

A book that’s a game! Each page is missing part of an animal, and you wiggle your fingers through the holes to complete the animal.

This is My Kitten by Felicity Books, illustrated by Masumi Furukawa

One of the popular Usborne touchy feely books, this one has different textures (parts of the kitten) to touch and feel, and a button to press to hear the kitten meow.

Press Here by Herve TulletPress Here by Herve Tullet

This was a picture book that was on the New York Times bestseller list and is now available as a board book, and how great is that! A fun book that asks the reader to press dots, press other dots, shake the book, shake the book more, clap hands…And each instruction leads to the dots ‘responding’ to the actions. (publication date 19 February 2019)

Mighty Mighty Construction Site Sound Book by Sherry Duskey Rinker and Tom Lichtenheld

This is a board book based on Mighty Mighty Construction Site, and is slightly abridged from the original book. What makes this one different (and interactive) is the sound bar on the side that makes five different sounds, to be pressed at various points during the story. And what toddler doesn’t like loud things? (publication date 5 March 2019)