#Today in Books

Simon & Schuster Turns 100

Simon & Schuster appears to be thriving as it turns 100, a book restorer reveals the surprising secrets of her work, and more news.

The Best Book Club Picks for April

The gang is getting back together for a fourth Bridget Jones movie, Reese picks a five-year-old book for April, and more news.

Should AI Companies Buy Publishers for Access to Their Data?

A New York Times report reveals that Meta discussed buying Simon & Schuster, authors worry about summary apps, and more.

The Most Targeted Books of 2023

The ALA's list of 10 most challenged books of 2023, a look at Netflix's RIPLEY adaptation, and more news from the world of books and reading.

The Best Books of 2024…So Far

%%excerpt%% Checking in on the best books of the year one quarter in, horror sales soaring, and more book news of the day.


%%excerpt%% A quarter century of a Gen X classic, a new children's literature museum opens, and yes everyone is trying to get you to play their crossword.

For Book Recommendations, People Are Always Better Than Algorithms

%%excerpt%% People are still better at recommending books, reframing the "crisis" in the humanities, and it just got harder for small presses.

Paul Yoon wins The Story Prize for THE HIVE AND THE HONEY

%%excerpt%% Paul Yoon wins The Story Prize, next installment in the Yarros juggernaut is announced, and literary allusions contain multitudes. Or do they.

Imagine Getting a Rejection Letter from Toni Morrison

%%excerpt%% Jimmy Fallon's book club returns, a consideration of Toni Morrison's rejection letters, and the best book to read about Daniel Kahneman.

5 Ways to Write in Your Books

Level-up your marginalia skills, celebrate the 50th anniversary of Stephen King's debut novel, and get tips for organizing your TBR.