Harvey Weinstein Used His Book Imprint to Cover His Tracks: Critical Linking, October 27

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Sometimes Weinstein pursued journalists himself. Earlier this summer, likely aware that The New York Timesand the New Yorker were circling him, Weinstein called THR’s Kim Masters, who had long looked into stories about his bad behavior, out of the blue to offer her a book deal. But before he could even get his pitch out, Masters told him signing a deal with Weinstein Books would be inappropriate.

A look at how Harvey Weinstein used his publishing imprint to cover his tracks.

William Heinemann has bought two books by New York Times bestselling novelist Lauren Groff.

Publisher Jason Arthur acquired UK and Commonwealth rights (excluding Canada) in short story collection Florida and an untitled novel by Groff from Bill Clegg at the Clegg Agency.

Groff moved to Florida over 10 years ago and the short story collection is described as an “electrifying, expanding read” by the publisher spanning characters, towns, decades, even centuries in Florida, while its landscape, climate, history and state of mind “becomes its gravitational centre”.

New books from Lauren Groff!

This was a bold gamble—some might say a reckless investment—but it paid off. At that time, the $200,000 royalty check to Grant’s widow was the largest ever paid by an American publisher. In the months to come, Webster and Company wrote additional royalty checks to Grant’s family, bringing their earnings to $450,000, which again broke publishing records. Twain himself pocketed $200,000 for Grant’s memoirs. In our own time, that’s about $11,000,000 for Grant’s widow and $4,800,000 for Twain.

Fascinating look at the financial life of Mark Twain.

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