16 Books That Explain White Supremacy in the US: Critical Linking, August 22

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Following the white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, people looking to get informed about the history of systemic racism and white supremacy in the US are turning to reading lists.

For those looking to take a deep dive into these themes in social, political, and cultural landscapes, BuzzFeed News put together a list of books — with help, via email, of Carol Anderson, professor of African American studies at Emory University; Nathan Connolly, professor of history at St. John’s University and co-host of the podcast BackStory; Shannon Sullivan, chair and professor of philosophy at UNC Charlotte; Terrance MacMullan, professor of philosophy at Eastern Washington University; Ian Haney López, professor of law at UCLA Berkeley; and cultural critic Irene Nexica.

Damn fine list for understanding white supremacy.

Like any other community on an upward trajectory, the YA community is experiencing some growing pains. (Full disclosure: Both writers of this article have published YA novels and operate within the YA Twitter community.) As Rosenfield wrote, Twitter has become a minefield, and many YA authors and members of the community would agree that there is truth to some of her complaints.

But to dismiss YA Twitter as “toxic” is to ignore the foundation of the arguments: A concerted effort on behalf of the YA community to make sure that every child sees themselves accurately reflected in literature.

The debate about YA Twitter rages on.

In January, Orbit Books announced that it had acquired three new novels from N. K. Jemisin, including a contemporary fantasy “dealing with themes of race and power in New York City.” In a recent interview with Playboy, Jemisin—who just won the Hugo Award for Best Novel for The Obelisk Gate—shared more about how the novel will grapple with “basically Cthulhu” and the legacy of H.P. Lovecraft.


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