Tiny House Bookstore Serves French Readers: Critical Linking, June 4, 2017

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La librairie itinérante (the traveling bookstore) is La Maison Qui Chemine’s debut build. The firm is headed by a young couple named Pauline & Romain, and they built the project for a bookseller called Jean-Jacques. He plans to wander all over France, visiting villages and other places without a bookstore, both working from and living inside.

I now realize my ultimate dream is to do this, but in the US


Ellen Schecter (Writer): The question was: How do you keep kids reading over the summer? There were all these studies showing that reading plummeted, but not solutions.

Ganek: The idea was not to teach kids how to read, but to encourage a love of reading.

Liggett: It was never about sounding out words, but a love of narrative. It was the perfect follow-up for kids who [had moved beyond] Sesame Street. You’d grab them with Sesame Street and then send them on to Reading Rainbow.

Truett: It was Tony who recognized the phenomenon, and Twila who said, “Why not make a TV show about it?”

An oral history of Reading Rainbow.


When I read genre fiction, I like to get immersed in the world of the story. I’ll often play period music or a relevant soundtrack. For Hilary Mantel’s literary Tudor drama Wolf Hall, I spent over an hour meticulously researching pre-Elizabethan folk and choral music. I’ve finally found a simpler, less distracting solution.

Ambient Mixer hosts a breathtaking 57,000 ambient sound mixes, combining almost 10,000 looping samples. Many are based on specific fictional settings, like the Shire, Night Vale, a night shift on the Death Star, and the common rooms of all four Hogwarts houses: Slytherin, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Gryffindor. (Ravenclaw has ethereal music; Hufflepuff has a purring cat.)

I don’t like listening to anything when I’m reading since I tend to read while doing other things (watching TV, internetting, hanging out in the hammock) but ambient sounds look like an awesome tool for those who do! 


Summer reading is anything you want it to be, from a thrilling adventure to a heartbreaking memoir. My only requirement is that it be a book I picked myself, not one someone assigned me.

However, I am up for recommendations. When I talk with a writer, a bookseller or a bookish friend, I always ask what they’re reading, seeing if I can catch a wave off their enthusiasm.

In that spirit, here are 101 suggestions of new and newish books for pleasure reading this summer, including ones with Wisconsin elements. Books for children and teens, too.

I’ve always loved The Journal Sentinel’s summer reading picks but I really love it this year for selfish reasons. Beyond that, here’s a great list!

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