31 New Books to Read This Spring: Critical Linking, March 21, 2017

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BuzzFeed’s coming at you with a great seasonal round-up.

What false vigor then must demonizing and excluding millions of innocent people based on their race and religion inspire. And just like the censor who underestimates the common reader, Mr. Trump too has a limited interpretation of himself and therefore of humanity. And just like the censor, his actions will damage the fiber of his society because, in the long run, the more lasting damage falls on the one doing the excluding more than those being excluded.

A beautiful piece on how literature inspires universalism, a feeling Donald Trump does not want you to have.

If perchance you are not in the immediate vicinity of a hall of books, worry not; Thomas R. Schiff will bring the library to you. The photographer’s series “The Library Exhibition” features a selection of 360-degree, panoramic photographs that mimic the feeling of entering an expansive library space. And the best part is, there’s no library card necessary.


The dog days are over, and cool, crisp weather approaches. Spruce up your fall wardrobe with new lightweight scarves.