Several Fascinating Facts About Libraries: Critical Linking, February 19, 2017

500 – Large Things

The British Library is currently the second largest library in the world, with bitter rival The Library of Congress holding onto the top spot. Though many at the British Library believe their American counterparts might well be ‘padding’ the size of their collection with books the librarians are writing themselves with titles like ‘Why the British Library is Stupid’ and ‘Why the British Library is the Wrong Shape’.

Not only clever, but also really funny facts and ‘facts’ about libraries.


Over the holidays, Charlotte Olson set a goal of collecting one thousand books for the “Reach Out and Read” program in her hometown of Voorhees.

The 12-year-old made good on her promise and delivered 1,303 books to Cooper University Health System Wednesday. She also raised $250 dollars for new books.

The kids are all right.


Despite being full-time students, Stephan and Klinger are managing to run the business—and make deliveries—themselves. As they scale up, they plan to recruit college students as part-time bike messengers.

Ultimately, they hope to bring the project beyond Vienna. “Bookstores and generally small, local businesses need support everywhere,” says Stephan. “Our business model is easily adaptable to other cities and business sectors, which enables us to expand into other European cities, and we are determined to do so.”

More kids being damn great.


Mr Soskice remained reflective over his temporary imprisonment.

“There are worse places to be trapped than in a Waterstone’s,” he said.

“The two things that interest me are the philosophy section and the section on art.”

Come for the story of a man who got “accidentally” locked inside a bookstore. Stay for the hilarity that ensues.

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