Watch a New Trailer for THE HATE U GIVE: Critical Linking, August 22

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Watch a new trailer for The Hate U Give!

On July 31, 2018, Toronto Public Library became the first library in the world to lend over twenty million ebooks.

“We’ve always said Toronto was a city of readers,” says Maria Cipriano, the library’s Senior Collections Specialist responsible for ebooks. “This proves it.”

That’s a lot of reading—good work, Toronto!

The Comedy women in print prize (CWIP) has now been launched by Helen Lederer, who told the Guardian that “more needs to be done to celebrate the achievements of women excelling in this field”. She said she hoped it would “bring forward the next generation of female talent as well as shine a light on women who have an established comedy writing career”.

Yes! I look forward to reading the winning novel.

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